Thursday, December 27, 2012

Janine Tugonon - Miss Universe 2012 Highlights

Photo via Rappler

Congratulations to Janine Tugonon, 2012 Miss Universe 1st Runner Up

I was waiting for a decent "Janine Tugonon Miss Universe 2012 Highlights" video like the ones they did for Venus & Shamcey but it's either the video is too long, dubbed or taken from a television screen! WTH?!

Special thanks to the video uploader for this!

While I still think Janine gave the best answer among the Top 5, but congratulations still to Miss USA Olivia Culpo for winning the crown.

Miss Philippines Janine Tugonon (2nd from right) in the Top 5 with Miss Brazil, Miss USA, Miss Australia and Miss Venezuela

Watch the video:

YouTube URL

Janine Tugonon in Final Two with eventual winner Olivia Culpo of the USA

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