Monday, February 16, 2009

Gilbey's Premium Strength & Malate


Woah! I didn't know Gilbey's has a new product! Toinx! As if mangingimom ako? Wehehe!

Anyway, I came across with this Gilbey's Premium Strength when June and I went out last February 14 around the wee-wee hours in Malate.

Yes! It's his first time at Malate! Yehey! He was a bit uncomfortable actually, seeing a crowd with gay men of all colors..I was a bit scared for him he might back out at the last minute.

We had a hard time looking for a place to eat. We arrived at Malate past midnight of Valentine's. We peeked in at BED, but it looked crowded already so I decided to go somewhere else 'cos I'm really really hungry.

We ended up at the "Blue Room" which is a very cozy place. My friend already recommended the place before but we never had the chance to visit the place since we're hooked up at BED at that time but now it's my first time at the Blue Room with my hubby.

And yun na nga, a promo girl (who actually looked like Tuesday Vargas) offered us this new Gilbey's with green tea extracts, 7% alcohol at only PhP60. So June & I tried a bottle each. He actually grabbed a second one, while I picked SanMig Light with a free SanMig Light! That's really a treat!

The new Gilbey's tastes good actually. Reminded me of Cali. Parang pang-babae lang. Hehe!

We also took their Seafood Sampler which was superb. The calamares was a bit salty but overall it was great. June had mushroom garlic as our last "pulutan".

By 2AM, I am already dizzy. Well, the last time I went out and had a drink was November when my friend from Bahrain had her Manila vacation after 5 years. So medyo nanibago lang siguro ako. I could take at most 3 SanMig Light without getting dizzy, well, I'm not a drinker so a few bottles would do.

June & I did something wicked at The Blue Room. I asked him to keep the Gilbey's Premium Strength promo card at the table, and he did! I dunno, I guess we're both intoxicated at that time.

After Blue Room, we walked all the way till Baywalk where I slept around 30-45 minutes on his lap. What a romantic way to spend Valentines! Kulang na lang sunset! Wahaha!

Around 4:30AM, I insisted on getting back at the office to take a rest on the sleeping lounge which we did. Good thing the company and building guards didn't noticed us! We both wore red by the way.

We're planning to hit Malate sometime soon, probably on our 11th monthsary on March.

Let's Talk About Love


Woah! Lovin' the cuddly bears! Aww...

David Archuleta singing "Let's Talk About Love", a special song for the Love. Hugs. Peace.™ Movement.

It's a very cheesy song but it doesn't matter! As long as it is sung by David Archuleta, and he's definitely the perfect choice for the song!

Give Love, Share Hugs and Promote World Peace!

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