Saturday, December 08, 2007


My blood pressure went up to 140/90 around 4:30am. Sheez!

I experienced severe headache and dizziness that I had to rest on the sleeping lounge for more than an hour. Then it only lowered to 139/90. Fuck!

Sobra na ba stress ko nito? Tsk..tsk..tsk.. Wala na kasi nag-aalaga sa akin eh.. LOLz!

Seriously, I was advised to have a check-up at Medical City after the shift. Dumating ako dun past 10am, I was accomodated almost 11 due to a long queue.

The doctor advised me some medicines to take, what to eat and what's not to eat. And most of all, have plenty of rest & sleep.

Woah.. I should better watch out what I eat. Lahi pa naman namin high BPs, both motherside and fatherside.

I forgot to mention to the doctor that my Lola recently passed away due to a stroke. Waaahh....


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