Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Gay Guy's Guide to Love (by Ken Hanes)

Just in time for Valentines. Hehe!

UPDATE: Uploaded new 'clean' version, image background removed.

My most treasured book. It helped me a lot during my earlier years.

I got this for a bargain price of only PhP150 compared to its tag price of US$8.95.

I have posted the HTML version of this book on my defunct Yahoo! Groups but this time I converted it to PDF version with special font styles similiar to the real book.

Hope you guys have a great time reading it as much as I did.

Some tips may not apply to our current time & culture, but way back this WAS my Bible! LOLz

Download e-Book
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File information:
/ Format: PDF
/ Filesize: 267KB
/ Original Release Year: 1997
/ Publisher: Random House

More info about the book here.


Anonymous said...

Dave thanks sa pag-share mo nitong PDF file na to. At least guided ako before I take that big step towards having a relationship with another man. More power to your blogspot!!! :)

Dave Montero said...

Thank you so much for your appreciation!


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