Monday, August 29, 2011

Cosmo Philippines 2011 Bachelors

Meet this year's Cosmo Philippines' Bachelors!

I handpicked a few of the guys. They're too many to upload in a single post. To get the complete set, look for the download link after the photos.

I think these are only test shots of the guys who made it past the Go-Sees.

There are familiar faces from Facebook, male pageants, indie films, TV and print ads.

I will make a bold prediction that either the Younghusbands, Neil Etheridge or Aly Borromeo will make the cover of this year's Centerfolds! (Please make it to Rocco Nacino! LOL)

Photos taken from

Joshua Ocampo, 19, student

Vaugn Rebolledo, 25, medical representative

Paul Drake, 20, artist/athlete

Ray Gomez, 25, fitness trainer

Tohid Ajdani, 20, student

Martin Legaspi, 20, model

Charles Rivales, 20, barista

Richard Lopez, 26, freelance model

Paolo Dionio, 23, volunteer nurse

Ryan Marquez, 27, works for Big Bike Mechanics

Ric Alarilla, 20, student

Download photo set (141 images, 4.23MB)
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