Saturday, October 06, 2007

Running AHT - 25 minutes

Running AHT - 25 minutesIt's our 4th week na sa Transition Queue. Target AHT (average handling time) namin is 28 minutes.

Humabol pa ako sa 25 minutes. I've got some pretty long calls this week. Without them, siguro I'm around 17-20 minutes. Resolved naman lahat ng calls ko. There are some callbacks (outbound calls), but still resolved.

My AHT for Week 1 was 45 minutes. Sobrang baba sa target na 35 minutes. Kainis di ba?

Week 2, my AHT plummeted down to 35 with our team target at 30 minutes. I'm almost hopeless na that time. The following week, same target, I'm at 27 minutes. Gora na! Hehe!

Good news is, bumaba ang After-Call-Work and Hold time ko from 4.3 minutes/2.7 minutes to 1.3minutes/0.8minutes respectively.

My Team Leader coached me last night and told me to keep up the good work on improving my stats week after week, and 100% points on Customer Survey & QA. Plus, she happily told me that I belong (along with 3 of my team mates) to the Quartile 1 when it comes to agent performance ranking. Nyay! I was expecting nasa Quartile 2 lang ako because of my high AHT, tumaas tuloy expectations sa akin ni TL.

So far so good. But it doesn't mean I'll still aim to become a Team Leader in the near future. I've seen their workload, grabe pala! But I'll try my best though. If I get lucky, then I'll head to that path.


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