Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2009 Hari Ng Negros First Set of Candidates

2009 Hari Ng Negros Candidates 1-28

Partial candidates for this year's HARI NG NEGROS has been revealed!

Visit here for more updates for the 2009 Hari Ng Negros Ginoong Canlaon Pageant

Can't wait for the transformation of these guys!



This is the new "it" word at our workplace. I'm not sure with other programs or call centers. And it's my new 'word of the moment'. I don't know where my girl friend picked it up.

She would say, "Ayan, nag-moments na naman sila dun!" or "Sige, hayaan mo siya mag-moments mag-isa nya, tayo na lang kumain!"

I mean, it could mean anything. Serious or not, bastos or not. But basically, it can mean either 'tinotopak', 'nagmumuni-muni' or 'wala lang sa mood'. Or it could mean to some serious stuffs or events like a group meeting or a coaching with a TL.

Then one time when I was with my bi-weekly coaching with my TL and she was showing the days where my stats are not so good, she commented, "Eto oh, medyo nagmo-moments ka ata during these days..."

WTF?! Pati tuloy ako na-pick up ko na rin siya. Gaya last week, nag-moments ako kasi Holy Week! LOLz

Kayo, kelan moments nyo?

Sugababes - No Can Do


Very nice! Lots of men! This was actually released last December 2008.

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Janno Gibbs - Don't Know Why


My fave track from singer/actor-comedian Janno Gibbs' newest CD "Orig"

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