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Escape to Puerto Galera

[ updated May 8, 2008 ]

Our original departure to Puerto Galera on May 1, 2008 at 2:30am was postponed the very next day. Nagka-problem 'yung isa sa kasama namin. His aunt was rushed to the hospital and gahol na rin sa oras.

Pictures are still on hold. They're still in Jeypi's digicam. And I don't have a celfone w/ a camera. But this month, bibili na ako ng new phone, Nokia 6500 slide.

Anyway here's the rundown of my debut to Puerto Galera:

MAY 1, 2008 / Thursday

4:00 PM (Worldwide Corporate Center)
I had a late lunch with an officemate from another account. Let's name him 'Agent J'. I actually met him a few days ago pa. We talked about everything. He's a prospect. And I shall stop the details right here, hehe!

6:30 PM (Alabang Town Center)
Agent J decided to go with me to meet my friend Jeypi at Alabang Town Center to shop for boardshorts, beach sandals and some shirts. We dine at YellowCab, muntikan pa kaming masaran sa Bench! Jeypi thought until 10 ang mall since holiday. Toinx!

9:30 PM (Alabang Town Center)
We had some drinks at Starbucks, still at ATC. Kwentuhan about the itenerary and transpo/food/lodging fees. I can feel gustong-gusto sumama ni Agent J. I'd like him to come with us, kaso may problem pa siya with his ATM card. He misplaced it kasi.

11:30 PM (Jeypi's house)
Agent J decided to come over at Jeypi's house still! I can't believe this! Parang di kami magkikita pagbalik ko sa Galera. I'm flattered. We slept for a couple of hours on Jeypi's room while Jeypi had some late night drinks. At this point, parang ayoko na sumama sa Galera. Matulog na lang ako with Agent J hanggang umaga.

MAY 2, 2008 / Friday

2:35 AM (Alabang)
Took my bath, Jeypi and I left for Alabang City Terminal. Hinatid pa namin si Agent J para makasakay siya pabalik ng Boni. He glanced back to me before he ride the bus. Sheez, para akong sasabog! Di ko siya makikita for 3 days! Fuck!

5:40 AM (Batangas City Pier)
We arrived at the Batangas City Pier. Tama lang dating namin for the 6 AM boat. Medyo madami na akong nakitang bampira doon! Nyahaha! Merong in groups, meron ding couples. Toinx! Na-miss ko na naman si daw si Agent J bigla...

8:10 AM (White Beach)
We arrived at White Beach. Haggard sa bangka, maalog and it's my first time to travel by boat for more than an hour. Pero madaming cuties. Hehe! Anyway, di naman kami nahirapan maghanap ng lodge. We checked-in at HSL Beach Resort. PhP1,500 siya per night, 1 bed good for two. After that, nag-breakfast kami sa Italian Corner. Then by 11am, burlogs mode na.

4:30 PM (White Beach/Jurassic Rock)
Jeypi and I decided to take a stroll to the beach hanggang sa dulo. Grabe, hindi ko alam kung mabubusog mata ko or nagkakasala na siya sa dami ng nakikita ko. I think I saw some of the G4M Bacardi Boys. Deadma! As if papansinin ako ng mga 'yon. Bitter? LOLz

7:00 PM (Summer Connection)
Jeypi and I took some drinks at Summer Connection on the sands. Napaka-romantic sana kung si Agent J kasama ko, hehe! I just had 2 SanMig Lights. Madali kasi ako tamaan eh.

9:30 PM (Manalo's Restaurant)
My fourth bath for today before Jeypi and I had our dinner at Manalo's restaurant. Naiwan ng last boat ung mga kasama namin na susunod sana. Haay...

11:00 PM (Mikko's Bar)
Ligo ulit. Sobrang init grabe! Ang saya sa Mikko's. Parang BED lang! Nyahaha! Jeypi and I took the Mindoro sling, not his first though, but it's a first for me! In 20 minutes, I was already dizzy. Pero kaya pa. Met some Almulans there. Saya! The best!

MAY 3, 2008 / Saturday

1:00 AM (Jurassic Rock)
I went with 4 of Almulans to the infamous Jurassic Rock. Wala pang tao when we arrived there. So kwentuhan lang kami dun about call centers and everything. I was laying on the sand at that time, di ko na namalayan ang oras. When I woke up, somebody was massaging my crotch and that was it. Iniwan pala ako ng mga kasama ko.

3:00 AM (Jurassic Rock)
(left intentionally blank)

4:30 AM (HSL Lodging)
I walked home pasuray-suray. Mikko's is still open. Kaso I don't have my money with me. When I got back sa room, I can't tell if Jeypi's in there alone or with someone or anywhere else. So locked-out ako. I went out again, lakad-lakad sa shoreline...

7:00 AM (HSL Lodging)
I finally got in, Jeypi's in there all the while. Took a quick bath, then borlogs mode. Gawd, sakit talaga ng ulo ko... Agent J called from the office. I miss him that much that I cried as soon as we ended the call. The guilt is killing me. I shouldn't have gone to Jurassic Rock...

2:30 PM (White Beach)
I went out for a while. Bought some pasalubongs, Puerto Galera t-shirts and boardshorts. Took my late lunch na rin. Si Jeypi, ayun bange pa din.

4:30 PM (White Beach)
Some of Jeypi's friends finally arrived and I was introduced to them. We stroll along the beach, had some snack. Ang Fruitas doon, kawawa naman. Box-office ang pila! Nyahaha!

8:00 PM (Jurassic Rock)
We took time sa Jurassic Rock hanggang dumilim, kwentuhan and lokohan. Jeypi's so ecstatic at ayun kumareer na kagad sa dulo. His friend Danny and I picked on him by moving closer to his spot. Ayun, nakandos ang career nya! Bwahaha!!!

9:30 PM (Manalo's Restaurant)
Dinner at Manalo's. Okay naman ang food nila and dun kasi parati kumakain si Jeypi whenever he's in Galera. I'd like to try other restaurants sana.

11:00 PM (Mikko's Bar)
Again, my fourth bath for today before we left for Mikko's. Grabe talaga ang init! Bange na naman si Adam dun, Jeypi's half-Filipino, half-Puerto Rican friend. Nagsho-show na naman doon. Loud music, the crowd, the cute guys, haaayyy! Plus, another Mindoro Sling! This time 2 pitcher na! Nyahahaha!!!! Nagpaka-bange na ako tutal last night na!

MAY 4, 2008 / Sunday

12:30 AM (Mikko's Bar)
At this point, 2 to 3 guys na sana ang gusto ko makilala or makipagkilala but I hesitated. Naaalala ko si Agent J... I wish he was with me, dancing to the night with the rains and kissing..

3:00 AM (Mikko's Bar)
Jeypi met some friends there, inom pa din. Ung iba nagpartner-partner na, ako deadma! Goal ko tonight is umuwi sa room pag nalasing with no one. Jeypi's so drunk, I dragged him back to our room. And it's still raining..

6:30 AM (HSL Lodging)
I woke up abruptly and di na ulet naka-tulog after that. I took a bath around 8 am. Then Fruitas as usual.

10:30 AM (HSL Lodging)
Packed my things up, check-out is 11:30 AM. Then we had our lunch na at Manalo's Restaurant ulet. Ung pangarap kong magpa-henna tattoo di na natuloy. Kulang na sa oras.

2:15 PM (Brian Lines)
Our boat left around 2:15pm. Kasabay namin ang Almula. Burlogs mode sa boat. Medyo maulan that time so ang alon sa dagat.

6:30 PM (Muntinlupa)
I'm home finally, but dropped off at Jeypi's place to get some of my stuff I left before we headed to Puerto Galera. Looking forward for my next time to Puerto Galera, or maybe Boracay with Agent J?


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