Sunday, September 16, 2007

BED Debut


My hubby and I will spend our joint birthday celebration sa BED on September 29. He had his birthday last week actually. Exchange gift itu! Hehe!

This is my first time to go to BED. I've been dying to go there. Wala lang time and money. I hope may maganda silang event at that day.

At I had a hard time convincing him to go there kasi nga he's not yet that accustomed to an all-gay environment. Ako nga baka ma-culture shock din dun! Haha! I've never really been to Malate.

Tapos on my actual birth date, it's either Tagaytay or somewhere cozy. Xiempre! LOLz

Gora na!

Rosario, Pasig

I've changed my location in my profile to "Pasig City, Philippines". Yep, I just moved in to my new-found apartment with 3 other housemates, 2 from the same company I am working at.

My transportation fare per day when I was in Muntinlupa (going to Libis) was PhP110.50. Now that I'm in Rosario, it dropped to PhP14. Aztig di ba?

Ok yung new place ko. Accessible to Libis & Shaw if ever we are officially deployed there. Extended kami for another month here in Libis. Malapit din sa wet market, Ortigas/Megamall and accessible as well to Quiapo & Divisoria.

Goodbye na sa siksikang MRT! Sa mahahabang biyahe, sa pag-gising ng 5 hours before the start of the shift, at sa pag-uwi sa bahay 3 hours after the shift. Now, it's only a matter of minutes.

But there's always something to sacrifice, and that's my personal computer and my internet sessions at my local internet café.

This might be bad news to some, but I might be able to update this blog twice a month from now on. Since my personal PC is in Muntinlupa and I just moved in to Pasig, though there are some internet cafés here, I may not be able to access my files/stuffs to post to this blog. I only carry 1GB flash drive.

Plus I use other applications to render sample images, sample audio files, video/photo set contact prints. I can't do technical stuffs while I'm on the internet café. Mas malaki na babayaran ko masyado since it would eat a lot of time. Some shops do not permit me to install those applications.

I can recall someone offered to lend me his old laptop. But I have no means of contacting him personally. Like I said before, by the time I have saved all the money to buy myself laptop, I might've been transferred to Alabang already.

A usual photo set post may take 10-15 minutes to create, including the draft post, sample images and the contact sheets. Same goes with an MP3 post, I use an audio editing software to create the sample audio file, look up for a sample image of the particular music artist and draft the post.

Too complicated? Nah. That's just me. I always do my best. My mom always tells me that even if you're not good looking or it might seem people tend to ignore you because of your external qualities or some points you lack, let your inner self shine. Show everybody that you value your work. Be professional. Prove them that you are harworking, disciplined and a responsible person.

I love this blog. I really do. It's quite sad that I could only post a handfuls every week.

O xa xa! Nag-litanya na naman ako.

But seriously guys, I really appreciate the support. Again, I apologize if I may not be able to post new materials.

Mayonnaise - Ipagpatawad Mo


Song of the moment. Hehe! Loved their rendition.

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The Boy Under


Miguel Escueta - Falling Away


Yep, I've seen the music video for this one a million times already on the Cher buses.

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