Sunday, August 19, 2007

BF Ruins

I am more than a month off on my diary. Buti pa dito sa blog, updated ang journal ko. I really don't have time to write on my personal diary. Maybe I should switch to MS Word or something since I am at most in front of the computer.

Anyway, I went to BF Ruins last night with a friend and a colleague of mine Rodel. He's out by the way and he's one of the first few people I confided at work. By the way, he reads this blog. Hehe! (Hi Rodel!)

We've planned this shopping spree even before our first paycheck hits and he suggested we should go here nga sa BF Ruins 'cos mura mga damit.

I met with him first of course sa SM Southmall at 7:30pm, we had some chitchats sa French Baker. Then around 9 we proceeded to BF Ruins. Nalula ako sa mga DVDs! Sobra! We were joking na baka DVDs bagsak namin dun imbes na mga damit! LOLz

I managed to buy a pair of shoes for PhP500. Rodel acted as my fashion consultant. Kung alin ang bagay sa akin, or not. I was very lucky to have him around and would love to have him around again on our next shopping spree either here in BF Ruins again, Tutuban or Tiendesitas.

It was unfortunate na di ko naabutan yung mga polo 'cos siyempre dapat shoes muna kasi mauna. It was almost 12 midnight and most stalls were closing already.

I bought naman a good pants na medyo faded for P1,000. Ok na ok siya, it's the perfect color and style that I want. Not too gay or flashy.

Of course, di pwedeng di kami bibili ng X-rated DVDs. Pero secret na lang kung saan kame nakabili. Not in BF Ruins of course, hehe!


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