Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Russell Peters - Indian Accent

This one is funny! Our trainer let us watch this one during our quick breaks.

You could search on "Russell Peters" on YouTube to see more of his skits.

Trainer Rye

Our trainer for the second phase of our training is Rye. Disclosed ko na surname nya but he shares the same surname with a whole family of celebrities star starting from their dad. (The guys has a TV commercial with their dad)

Anyway, Rye is semikal. And I fondly go over semikal guys. He's kinda short, around 5'5" I think, but fair-skinned. I like his glasses. Hehe!

He's been around the world including the States, working as a Sales Consultant. Kaya super sales talk ang training namin. And all I thought technical support lang work namin. May kasama pa palang sales. Two in one? LOLz

But no hardselling. Yun nga lang, may metrices pa rin of course on the sales figures per agent. So, parang ganun din. Wala kang incentives pag wa ka benta. Haay...ano ba 'tong pinasok ko?! Haha!

1AM - 10AM


Our sked for the next two weeks?! (drumrolls) 1 in the morning till 10 AM. Ay, WOW!

For this one, I can leave the apartment at around 12:15 AM. Maaga pa ako nun sa CyberMall, by 12:25 I'm already at Eastwood. My log in time sa fingerscan mga 12:35AM. Ay, WOW!

Sabaw (drained-out) na kami after lunch break around 5AM-6AM. Kasi busog at inaantok na, sobra. Kaya mga 9AM pa lang, gusto ko na umuwi.

After this two-week Sales training for our Phase 2, hopefully we will be formally transferred to Shaw. Finally! Couldn't wait for that. Even though it'll be a bit farther from my apartment, it's still okay.


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