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Asian Heartbreak

Ok, so who broke the cute guy's heart?

Mark Rhey Arellano in Mr. Earth Philippines 2012

Mark Rhey Arellano in Mr. Earth Philippines 2012
Photo © Manansala

Marlon Stöckinger - Fil-Swiss Racer


Marlon Alexander Stöckinger

Nationality: Filipino-Swiss
Date of Birth: April 04, 1991
Age: 21
Birthplace: Manila, Philippines

Ok, this is so long overdue. I should've posted this a month ago. But anyway, here it is! This is a megapost all-in-one, an FAQ article, more photos and a news segment interview after the jump!

Meet Marlon Stockinger, a 19-year-old Filipino-Swiss, born and raised here in the Philippines who’s determined to make us all proud by becoming the first ever Filipino Formula One driver in the near future.

1. He’s the next big thing in race sports. After starting out in karting, Stockinger gravitated towards formula cars and became the 1st scholar for BMW Pacific. From then, he was able to bag numerous racing championship titles, and has lately agreed to join the GP3 Series, which serves as a venue for potential F1 champions.

2. He takes pride in being a Filipino. He considers himself as a true Filipino, even if he moved to Europe 4 years ago. He has the Philippine flag stitched to his suit, located on his helmet, and on his racecar, too! In addition, he shared that he has a variety of OPM artists in his playlist, one of which includes Salkbakuta!

3. He’s a family guy. One Filipino trait that he’s proud of is having strong family ties. He turns to them for support, given that he’s involved with this competitive field of racing. He hangs out with his siblings during his free time, and when he comes home here in the Philippines, he just likes to stay home and is not so keen with going out.

4. He’s extremely passionate with what he does. Unfortunately, this charming race driver doesn’t have time for relationships as of now. He even turned down a movie offer just to pursue his dream of having a successful motorsport career. “But for movies and stuff, like I said, it’s not much of a question.. But right now, it’s really for the race”. He allots 4 hours of training per day, and races for two weeks on a racetrack. Also, he hits the gym to maintain his physique, along with a proper diet.

5. He values his education. Marlon tried to balance school with racing but he mentioned that “it does get very tough”. Although, he considers education as a “very important net, if ever racing doesn’t push through.” He actually took up some courses at CATS College back in Cambridge, but wasn’t able to pursue it because of his career in racing.

6. He’s not really a car person. “To be honest, I don’t know much about cars. It’s racing cars I know about.” He admits to not being knowledgeable about the trendiest sports cars, or the hottest, 4x4s. When he’s off-track, he just drives around a 1.3L Polo, which is a small car, not exactly what you’d expect to be used by motor racers like him.

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Dean Geyer - Shirtless Skateboard


Dean Geyer seen here skateboarding, shirtless of course!

Gawd, he's so sexy. I wish there's a video for this. Yeah, more shirtless Dean Geyer!

Panda Sunglasses Philippines

Panda Sunglasses Philippines

Handcrafted Bamboo Sunglasses available for PhP 6,000/pair.

A bit pricey in my opinion, but it's cool to own one.

For info and ordering, you can visit their official site or on Facebook

Watch the TV commercial:

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Hunk & Puppy Shower


There's actually no hunk in this picture. 'Coz they both looked "puppy" to me! Sticking them tongues out in the water! LOL

Panda on Airplane


This is cute! A traveling Panda complete with food and seatbelt for safety!

New Banner Boy - Derek Ramsay


Our banner boy for the month of November, Filipino-British actor/TV host/model Derek Ramsay of TV5.


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