Sunday, September 30, 2007

Miong @ 26


YAY! 5 years na lang, wala na me sa kalendaryo! Hehe!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who e-mailed, texted and called me to send their birthday greetings.

You know who you are guys! Maraming salamat!

Birthdays are the happiest thing in the world. Parang I have this feeling of being born again, start a new one kahit nadagdagan ng isang taon edad ko. Hehe! And everyone's quite happy to see me and say "Hey, birthday boy! Pa-canton ka naman!"

All I want is of course, good health. You can actually do anything and just about everything if you're up and running. So that's all I really wish.

Next of course is my family and friends to be by my side always.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Rainy Day in Cubao

I hate rainy days. It spoils everything.

Since my birth month coincides with the rainy season, taun-taon na lang talaga. Like last year, one of my saddest birthdays, super typhoon 'Milenyo' hit Manila.

Napurnada ang Malate at Tagaytay! Bagsak namin sa Cubao/Gateway. We stroll along Ali Mall (teritoryo ko na rin ang Cubao, hehe!) to buy myself a new polo sleeves. Then my hubby & I dine in at Oyster Boy. I suggested to watch a movie after but walang maganda kasi. Then, deretso na to you-know-where. LOLz

We had our breakfast na sa McDo-Ayala MRT around 8 in the morning on my actual birthday. At, umuulan pa rin talaga. Then headed south na, him to Sucat, me to my good ol' home in Muntinlupa.

It was a blast! There's really no dull moment with him. We had a perfect night despite the rains.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Chris Daughtry - Over You


I'm happy this one's the radio as it's my favorite track from Chris Daughtry's debut CD.

This song first entered my charts way back in January 19, 2007.

Loved the vocals!

Download MP3
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sample audio:

File information:
/ Filename: Daughtry - Over You.mp3
/ Size: 5.91MB
/ Bit Rate: 442 kbps
/ Duration: 3:27

Weekly Top 7 (September 28, 2007)

1. Aiza Seguerra - Para Lang Sa'yo
2. Aiza Seguerra - Mahagkan Kang Muli
3. Mayonnaise - Ipagpatawad Mo
4. Ne-Yo - Because of You
5. Ne-Yo - Go On Girl
6. Mau Marcelo - Labis-Labis
7. Dave Koz featuring India.Arie - It Might Be You

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Imelda at Tutuban

We have this Hawaiian theme on Friday. So I decided to go to Divisoria/Tutuban to buy a Hawaiian polo for the said event.

Guess what, Imelda Marcos was there browsing for the ladies' bag.

It is actually my first time to see her in person. Medyo nagulat lang ako kasi parang out of place siya dun. There were 3 bodyguards by the way.

Later I found out, she owns one of the nearby mall.

Going back to the Hawaiian polo, a colleague of mine told me (also Rodel) that the recent polos/long sleeves that I'm getting were a little bit 'screaming' daw. Haay...I think I should come out na siguro at work.

Plus there's this girl at my own team na tinutukso sa akin. I don't know if she has a crush on me, but she blushes every time we were picked on. Did I mention she's my seatmate?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lea Salonga - I Dreamed A Dream

To Ms. Lea, thank you for continuing to make each and every Filipino proud!

Mabuhay ka!

(live at Broadway)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Aiza Seguerra - Para Lang Sa'yo

Dearest Darwin,

I am very thankful that you came. I want to thank you for sharing your love with me. I cried buckets the first time I heard this song. I miss you so much.

This one's for you.

Download MP3
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ZIP file contains:
Track 3 - Para Lang Sa'yo.mp3
Track 13 - Para Lang Sa'yo [Acoustic].mp3
Track 14 - Para Lang Sa'yo [Acoustic Instrumental].mp3


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sample audio:

Flying South


First week in Rosario


[generated by]

It was a blast. Yep, 14 pesos transo balikan na from 110.50 pesos if I'm coming from Alabang. Yun nga lang, I really have to buy everything for myself. Sa house, my mom cooks for me. Waahh!

First night ko sa Rosario, I already pressed my clothes. it was hard 'cos wala pa kaming iron board. Hmm..

Sa food, ok naman. Accessible sa wet market, marami ring carinderia and mura pa. One meal ko 32 pesos lang, 2 rice servings na yun.

My hub's a little worried. Check ko daw maigi kung malinis yung kinakainan ko.

Sleeping time? Bawing-bawi naman. Back when I was in Muntinlupa, I have to get up by 5pm, leave the house at 7pm and will arrive in Eastwood around past 9pm for my 10pm shift. But now, I could wake up around 8pm, take a quick bath and leave the apartment around 8:45pm. I'll arrive at Eastwood around 9:15pm. Ang saya di ba?! Hehe!

Pauwi ganun din! Pag Alabang, labas ko 7am makakauwi ako nun past 9am na, sometimes 10am pa pag mega-antay ang bus sa StarMall Shaw at SM Makati. But in Rosario, 7:45am nasa apartment na ako. Around 8:30 burlogs na ako. LOLz

Though I must admit, malungkot ang first few days. I miss my bed, my mom and of course my computer. Hehe!

I still haven't got the chance to stroll around Rosario. Medyo nag-aadjust pa rin ako. I hate the fact na I have to walk up through the overpass just to get to Alfonso Supermarket and the laundry shop. Hassle.

Jessie Godderz of MTV Exposed


This has been long overdue.

Jessie appeared on MTV Exposed a couple of months ago and has competed in bodybuilding events, also appeared on various fitness magazines and websites.

He reminds me of Andrew Wolff by the way.

Download the photo set
47 images + 2 CS, 3.25MB
pw: miong21
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Aldred Gatchalian - RDL TVC

Sorry, can't help to post this one. LOLz

Friction on XXX


Download the video clip at

Asian Beauties - Part 2


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Elliott Yamin arrives in Manila


(Courtesy of GMANews.TV)

Longest Call...Yet!


Haayy! Longest call ko so far...3 hours and 24 minutes! Kamusta!?

It was an installation issue, 'unrecoverable error' and 'installation interrupted'. Nanganak na ng nanganak ang errors, amputsa!

Imposible naman ang Remote Assist kasi installation requires computer restart and madi-disconnect din kami. Haay!

Callback din siya after that 3-hour call and another callback ulit on Monday pag di pa nayari on Friday. Kasi naman ang dami-dami niya kasing files sa computer nya ano?!

Buti na lang patient customer siya.

So far wala pa naman akong nae-encounter na super-irate customer to the point na minumura na niya ako.

Sa customer surveys, I already received one. 100% lahat on Agent Cared, Issue Resolution and Customer Satisfaction. It's a good start!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Weekly Top 7 (September 21, 2007)


1. Aiza Seguerra - Para Lang Sa'yo
2. Mayonnaise - Ipagpatawad Mo
3. Ne-Yo - Because of You
4. Mau Marcelo - Labis-Labis
5. Ne-Yo - Go On Girl
6. Dave Koz featuring India.Arie - It Might Be You
7. Bamboo - So Far Away

Sunday, September 16, 2007

BED Debut


My hubby and I will spend our joint birthday celebration sa BED on September 29. He had his birthday last week actually. Exchange gift itu! Hehe!

This is my first time to go to BED. I've been dying to go there. Wala lang time and money. I hope may maganda silang event at that day.

At I had a hard time convincing him to go there kasi nga he's not yet that accustomed to an all-gay environment. Ako nga baka ma-culture shock din dun! Haha! I've never really been to Malate.

Tapos on my actual birth date, it's either Tagaytay or somewhere cozy. Xiempre! LOLz

Gora na!

Rosario, Pasig

I've changed my location in my profile to "Pasig City, Philippines". Yep, I just moved in to my new-found apartment with 3 other housemates, 2 from the same company I am working at.

My transportation fare per day when I was in Muntinlupa (going to Libis) was PhP110.50. Now that I'm in Rosario, it dropped to PhP14. Aztig di ba?

Ok yung new place ko. Accessible to Libis & Shaw if ever we are officially deployed there. Extended kami for another month here in Libis. Malapit din sa wet market, Ortigas/Megamall and accessible as well to Quiapo & Divisoria.

Goodbye na sa siksikang MRT! Sa mahahabang biyahe, sa pag-gising ng 5 hours before the start of the shift, at sa pag-uwi sa bahay 3 hours after the shift. Now, it's only a matter of minutes.

But there's always something to sacrifice, and that's my personal computer and my internet sessions at my local internet café.

This might be bad news to some, but I might be able to update this blog twice a month from now on. Since my personal PC is in Muntinlupa and I just moved in to Pasig, though there are some internet cafés here, I may not be able to access my files/stuffs to post to this blog. I only carry 1GB flash drive.

Plus I use other applications to render sample images, sample audio files, video/photo set contact prints. I can't do technical stuffs while I'm on the internet café. Mas malaki na babayaran ko masyado since it would eat a lot of time. Some shops do not permit me to install those applications.

I can recall someone offered to lend me his old laptop. But I have no means of contacting him personally. Like I said before, by the time I have saved all the money to buy myself laptop, I might've been transferred to Alabang already.

A usual photo set post may take 10-15 minutes to create, including the draft post, sample images and the contact sheets. Same goes with an MP3 post, I use an audio editing software to create the sample audio file, look up for a sample image of the particular music artist and draft the post.

Too complicated? Nah. That's just me. I always do my best. My mom always tells me that even if you're not good looking or it might seem people tend to ignore you because of your external qualities or some points you lack, let your inner self shine. Show everybody that you value your work. Be professional. Prove them that you are harworking, disciplined and a responsible person.

I love this blog. I really do. It's quite sad that I could only post a handfuls every week.

O xa xa! Nag-litanya na naman ako.

But seriously guys, I really appreciate the support. Again, I apologize if I may not be able to post new materials.

Mayonnaise - Ipagpatawad Mo


Song of the moment. Hehe! Loved their rendition.

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File information:
/ Filename: Mayonnaise - Ipagpatawad Mo.mp3
/ Size: 4.10MB
/ Bit Rate: 128 kbps
/ Length: 4:04

The Boy Under


Miguel Escueta - Falling Away


Yep, I've seen the music video for this one a million times already on the Cher buses.

Download MP3
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sample audio:

File information:
/ Filename: Miguel Escueta - Falling Away.mp3
/ Size: 3.98MB
/ Bit Rate: 128 kbps
/ Length: 4:20

Sunday, September 09, 2007



featuring Hotmen McMeil Dennison & Ethan Zulueta

Soon on

Gay Expressions

I have 2 openly-gay colleagues in my class in training which of course made each and every day of our training absolutely fun and hilarious.

One is of course my dear friend Rodel whom I'll be missing since he's not part of my team.

The other one, who's more flamboyant, has several expressions made up in class. Even the straight guys picked up some of his verbal expressions.

I will list some of them here and include some usage na rin. Yung may asterisk (*) na-adapt ko na completely.

WIS = means "no", or "never" or maybe "not at all", usually done with the 'no' finger gesture {Ay, wis ang ipis!}
ENVERGA = a variation of imbierna or imberna which means "annoyed" or "annoying"; name originally taken from one of our colleague's school in Quezon {Na-enverga ako sa'yo!}
WICHELLES = an extended variation of "wis"
ERBOG = being horny or sexually stimulated {Nakaka-erbog siya...}
GURL = variation of "girl", usually pronounced by "guurrrll" {Gurrll, musta na?!}
BECKY BOOM = gay, discreet gayguy; sometimes spoken as "Vecki Voom"; also "Veckis" {Ay, mukha siyang Vecki!}
TIBOLI = lesbian; coined from "tibo" which means lesbian
*LIGWAK = varies on usage ~ failed, dead, removed, trashed out {Ligwak ang beauty mo, ning!}
*GORA = "go on", "let's go" {Gora na, ning!}

Other expressions:
*"Ay, sorry!" or Visayan-accented "Ay, sorrehh!"
*"Kamusta naman yan?!"
"Yun oh!"
"Nahiya naman ako sa ..."

Jed Madela - Healing


(from ASAP)

Ingay ng audience. Mga Pinoy talaga uo!

Taken from Kris Aquino's compilation "Songs of Love & Healing".

Download MP3
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File information:
/ Filename: Jed Madela - Healing.mp3
/ Size: 4.23MB
/ Bit Rate: 128 kbps
/ Length: 4:36

Eve of Destruction


M2M Masahe - Clip 2


Last clip from "M2M Masahe".

Video clip contains some male frontal shots.

Please download the video clip at

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Teen Gay Kiss on 'As The World Turns'

Shucks! This is so sweet..LOLz

Calamba City

I went to Calamba today to pick up some trade-in Pinoy VCDs from a contact.

Nothing happened to us, kahit small talk lang. As in palitan lang ng VCDs, yun na. And he even barely said anything. Kainis ang mga ganung klaseng EB.

But Calamba is nice. And iba ang simoy ng hangin. Na-miss ko tuloy Daet. Hehe!

I'll post some video clips from the newly-acquired VCDs in my other blog.

It's finally good to see Jerome Ocampo in action in "Sex Guru" and "Hipo". LOLz

Friday, September 07, 2007

Team Faith

And finally, our training commences. Our wave (batch) was divided into two and was sorted alphabetically by last name. Other waves were sorted by first name, by assessment grade, etc.

Since my real last name is within the last 10 alphabets, I was separated from my own wave and merged with the first half of the next wave. Darn!

At least, hindi ko kasama ang dalawang mokong! I actually have a draft post entitled "Tale of the Two Mokongs" but I decided not to post it anymore. I don't want to waste some space for them anymore. I wish them both luck.

Moving on, as the team name suggests, yep that's the temporary name of our team taken from the first name of our TL (team leader). At sus, buti babae. The other available TLs there look scary and intimidating. We haven't met TL Faith yet. She's in Shaw ata. Luckily sa Monday we'd be able to meet her.

Wala ako masyadong ka-close sa new team ko. They're all in Team Harry kasi. Hopefully, may mga new friends to meet on Monday.

This is it. Eto na talaga. I've already taken about 2 calls pa lang kasi sobrang daming agents sa floor, tenured & trainees combined. Swerte mo na kapag naka-dalawang call ka within the 4-hour call-in time for trainee agents. And besides, it's not yet tax season in the US.

Daming cutie pies sa floor; tenured/trainee agents and TLs (Hi TL Sean! Hehe!). But, ahem! Miong, never mingle with cute and hunky straight guys. Feeling sila masyado at malisyoso sa lahat ng bagay.

I can see Agent Yap on the floor already, since last week pa. Haay, hanggang tingin lang ako. But I really appreciate the friendly handshakes every time he sees me. At least naaalala niya pa ako talaga even though we're not that really close during our TechTraining Program.

Weekly Top 7 (September 7, 2007)

1. Mau Marcelo - Labis-Labis
2. Ne-You - Because of You
3. Mandy Moore - Umbrella
4. Jed Madela - Healing
5. Bamboo - So Far Away
6. Silent Sanctuary - Sandali Lang
7. Backstreet Boys - Inconsolable

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Elliott Yamin coming in Manila


YAY! Saw the huge billboard along EDSA near Boni. Wow! Elliott Yamin in Manila?!

At sayang, September 28 sa Alabang Town Center at 6:30pm?! Waahh!! Night shift ako nun! Di abot! Waahhh!!!

Philippine Tour Info

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ber Months

Umpisa na ng 'Ber' months. Yep, lalamig na ang simoy ng hangin. Hehe!

And this month is my birth month. My birthday will hit at the end of this month. I previously planned for a month-long specials sana, but unfortunately due to my training at work I may not be able to fulfill that task.

But I'll try my best. Even though I am kinda busy at work, I still managed to post some stuffs. I will be receiving a couple of Pinoy VCDs soon (and some DVDs as well from a friend) and I plan to share them all of course through my blogs.

Whenever I receive a VCD/DVD, or downloaded a video or song from the internet that I like, or bought a gay magazine (I wish I have a flatbed scanner though), I am like "Oh, I've got to post this on my blog!". This blog and the other one are all I that I think of. They're obviously my outlets.

Hmm, I just hope I can find time to edit/work on the video files as well as upload them via an internet café.

Happy 'Ber Months' guys!

Cosmo Hunks 2007


Courtesy of GMANews.TV.

Bought a copy yesterday. I only need the Cosmo Bachelors 2007 mini-mag, tapon ang actual Cosmo magazine. LOLz

I wish I have a scanner. Used to post hi-res of the bachelors & centerfolds 2004-2006. Haay...

Mau Marcelo - Labis-Labis


My song of the moment.

I felt the same way 6 years ago. I feel you Mau.

Although I think this is another Vehnee Saturno composition. Most of his songs are sad.

Other notable Vehnee Saturno songs are:
JayR's "Bakit Pa Ba"
Jasmine Trias' "Sana Lagi"
Jonalyn Viray's "Kung Di Mo Na Mahal"
Ella Mae Saison's "Till My Heartaches End"
Jennylyn Mercado's "Kahit Sandali"

Download MP3
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sample audio:

File information:
/ Filename: Mau Marcelo - Labis-Labis.mp3
/ Size: 4.00MB
/ Bit Rate: 128 kbps
/ Length: 4:23

Tyler Cummings - Men Magazine (September 2007)


Download the photo set at

Leather Muscle Worship


Download video at

New banner boy - Marcel


Since it's my birth month, I'll feature my all-time lovehunch as my blog's bannerboy.

Marcel appears courtesy of Vista Video International. He has appeared in numerous videos in erotic and semi-nude formats.


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