Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dairy Queen - Eastwood


Finally got the chance to drop by at Eastwood's Dairy Queen just before I log in for work around 2pm. Late lunch ko na siya atually.

I used their upsize promo leaflet I got last July 11. Actually, last day na siya today. Buti na lang we have a make-up class 'cos we had no classes last July 30 (Monday).

The upsize promo was you'll get the 16oz Oreo Blizzard for the price of their 12oz. I also ordered their Classic Hotdog and it was a feast already. Halos hindi ko maubos ang ga-higanteng Blizzard eh?!

Funny thing was, the cashier guy saw my nickname on my ID when I took it out to get my last PhP500 bill (dun ko inipit yung money, hehe!) and referenced it on the receipt. Nagulat ako to see my huge name "_O_S" on it! Hehe!

I'll definitely be back, after sahod of course to try their other products!

Miong also loves ice cream! LOLz


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