Sunday, April 01, 2007

Blog Rules

Please take time to read this post and follow them accordingly.
(as of May 12, 2007)

  • Blog is updated only when I, the blog owner, logs in on an internet café. (I don't have an online connection at home at the moment)

  • 'pw' is the abbreviation for PASSWORD.

  • Do not post any of my download URLs, scanned images or photo sets elsewhere unless with proper credits and backlinks.

  • Submit your blogsite URLs here if you want to add your site to my blogspot (a backlink is required).

  • I DO NOT re-upload any dead download links especially if it's not mine.

  • For further inquiries, suggestions, concerns and/or comments, please contact me using the 'Contact' button above.

  • This blogsite is best viewed on a Mozilla Firefox browser.

  • Click on the "Show the rest of this post »" to expand the post.

  • Click on the "« Hide the rest of this post" to collapse the post.

  • In the event that pictures are disabled (bandwidth limit exceeded on images), try saving the blog in HTML and view the webpage to see the saved images.

  • If you want to search for something, please use the "Search" box at the top navigation bar.

  • You must have a Google or GMail account in order to post a comment.

  • Avoid foul, offensive and profane statements.

  • Do not post irrelevant issues or comments on a particular post.

  • Do not post any contact number. I will not be responsible for any unsolicited calls/text messages you may receive.

  • If you want me to personally reply to your inquiries, use the 'Contact' button above.

  • Requests are temporarily SUSPENDED.

  • Please limit your requests to 1-2 items. I only surf at internet cafes.

  • Since I login via internet cafes, please allow 1-3 days for your requests to be sent.

  • State in your requests where do you want your MP3s to be sent.

  • Possible outputs would be a SaveFile download link (for files larger than 10MB) or via your personal GMail account (for MP3 requests only).

  • If you don’t have a GMail e-mail account, inform me so I could send you an invite.

  • Use the 'Contact' button above for any clarifications and/or inquiries.

  • All images and media files are copyrighted by their respective owners (except image scans appearing with the "Miong21 @ Blogspot" logo).


Anonymous said...

Im glad that everytime i visit ur blog, it keeps on improving. I like aljur in your banner. keep it up ( hope u survive ur financial problems) :)

Dave Montero said...

aww, thanks josh! =)

[chocoley] said...

yeah i luv this blog, xoo much wit other queer oriented bloggies around, i guess i have yer links on my blogroll. ;)

just keep reading yer stuff!

Anonymous said...

yes dave im guilty! Posting some irrelevant comment in a post is a crime. Remember that long and winding coment of mine about this gay korean movie No Regret that was comented in ur cosmo bachelor post. Yup thats me. how ignoramous i can be! Sorry about that. Punish me for i have sin. Just be gentle ok coz im a soft-hearted sensitive criminal.

Dave Montero said...

@richard: dude, no harm done. that comment of yours about the Korean movie "No Regret" is absolutely ok. i'll elaborate more in e-mail ok? thanks for ur support.

@dazedblu: what's the URL of your blog?


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