Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Movie Time: Speed Racer


This is my second movie with Agent J. Again, he's the one who picked this one when we went to see "Iron Man".

I was like, "Okay, treat naman nya ulet so okay lang."

When the day came to see this one, I was still hesitant. But boy, I was all wrong when we got to finally see it. It was great! And the story is okay as well! Cute yung 3 male leads, penned by Matthew Fox of course!

And the effects was superb as well! Parang gusto ko siyang bilin sa DVD and watch it all again.

The best thing was, hindi siya naging Pinoy-ending wherein the older brother chose not to reveal himself to his family. Personally, it would have been a happy ending if he did.

Again, we went to see this one in the afternoon but this time sa Greenbelt. Imagine, nakarating pa kami ng Makati nyan! LOLz He needs to cash a cheque at RCBC-Arnaiz kasi.


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