Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Miong's Internet Expenditures Stats

Miong's Internet Expenditures Stats

My first ever log in to an internet cafe was December 18, 1998 along Boni Avenue (I was studying at Don Bosco Mandaluyong at that time). P60 per hour pa nun, pag sa mall tumataginting na P80 per hour.

And then it became P50, then P40, P30, merong P25 and finally P20 per hour. I've heard long before sa Pacita merong P15, but heck, P11 transpo balikan nun from my place, gano'n din! Alikabok, pagod at init pa sa biyahe.

And I guess I haven't stopped since then, rather I haven't stopped tracking records of my internet expenses. LOLz

Here's a couple of my internet stats. I'm not good in those accounting terms so please forgive my stats terminologies.

Total expenditures: P 83,315.50 (as of March 29, 2007)

2006 Total: P 10,555.00
2006 Average: P 28.92/day, P 879.58/month
2006 Month High: January (P 1,414.00)
2006 Month Low: September (P 279.00)
2006 Day High: January 3 (P 242.00)
2006 Day Low: January 7 (P 10.00)
2006 Duration High: January 3 (12 hours & 4 minutes)
2006 Duration Low: January 7 (30 minutes)

All-time Month High: October 2005 (P 1,901.00)
All-time Month Low*: May 2000 (P 90.00)
All-time Day High: March 29, 2002 (P 280.00)
All-time Day Low*: June 28, 2000 (P 4.00)
All-time Duration High**: January 3, 2006 (12 hours & 4 minutes)
All-time Duration Low**: July 15, 2002 (5 minutes)

* non-visit to internet cafes or Zero-months or days are excluded
** starting period is from January 2001 only.


Anonymous said...

dude bakit ayaw mo pa mag-subscribe sa dsl? 999 a month lang!!! gastos ang internet shops!

Anonymous said...

wow dave.thats quite an expense. But that gave a hundreds and thousands of delightment and put a smile in our faces. youre priceless, youre more than a money, you are a hand in our pockets. Thanks. What more can i say? Syempre pautang naman! Hehehe joke!

Anonymous said...

not quite enough...u missed the following: overhead expenses like electricity- pc, lights, cam, others excluding the snacks and drinks...labor is at ur expense. lolz.....nice job though..take care..hey can i add u to my friendster. mine is at cokyat@yahoo.com.

Dave Montero said...

@richard: awww, thanks man!

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