Monday, August 18, 2008

Michael Phelps


Eh? What's this supposed to mean? LOLz

Anyway, lucky are those arms...

Michael Phelps ladies and gentlemen, first Olympian to get 8 gold medals on a single Olympic games.

Damage - Love II Love [Cutfather & Joe Remix]

Ay nakuha ko na rin siya sa wakas! Thanks to iMeem!

This is the version used on the music video. Super tagal ko siyang hinanap...

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Wrestlers outted for gay porn


[Undated photos of Paul Donahue and Kenny Jordan]

John Marsh, owner of, was recently contacted by the University of Nebraska's athletic department. He was not being offered his pick of university studs, but was being asked about two Cornhusker wrestlers who had appeared on his site.

The Scarlet Project, a University gossip blog, broke the story on August 9. An anonymous source sent in pictures and video of the two athletes -- named 'Nash' and 'Cal' on the site -- undressing, showering and masturbating.

Marsh refused to confirm their identity, however, citing his policy to protect his models.

[Photos of Paul Donahue appearing as 'Nash' and Kenny Jordan appearing as 'Cal' on the website]

However, the two men were dismissed from the wrestling team and have lost their National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) standing, thereby compromising any eligibilty to compete in future sporting events. According to the University the decision has little to do with the sexual aspect of their pictures, but rather the violation of rules prohibiting athletes from appearing in commercial photoshoots or videos.

Source: Banana Guide


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