Monday, March 19, 2007

Pierre Fitch & Brent Everett

(moved to MiongXXX)

Download video at


dazedblu* said...

hey, i want to see this but i can't download the clip on your link, it seems i always been redirected.

akahoshi said...

i believe pierre is actually married to another gay pornstar, ralph something...

Miong21 said...

The link is working for me.

dazedblu* said...

but how will i dowload the clip, yeah link is werking but when i dowload it, there's no clip at all.

tnx ;)

Anonymous said...

wow... awesome pare.. never seen like this before... its my first time... n amanuud ng ganitong movie... wahhh!

. said...

pierre's partner is ralph woods

(it depends on where you're looking... sometimes it's ralph's wood, hehe)

Anonymous said...

Check out his very hot galleries at - enjoy!

Anonymous said...


Now Pierre is together with a guy called Marc Andre..

They got engaged some days ago.

Saw it at his blog..


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