Friday, April 03, 2009

Three Years

This blog is 3 years old today!

Wow! I can't believe it! Multiply that to three, that's the number of times I thought of giving up this blog but I'm still here.

With all the music, videos, hot guys (Pinoy or not) that came along, you guys are still here checking my blog, reading through my sentiments at times with what's happening with my life.

I've been very busy, yes especially at work and the recent house move but I always take time especially during my offs to update & draft scheduled postings for the blog. Sometimes it's taking a toll with my sleeping habits ('cos its supposed to be my off) but as long as I enjoy what I'm doing, I'll stick to it. I may run some blog holidays just to take a week or two of rest but that's it. I'll come back eventually. I know I may not help it if I hear a really good song or see a really hot guy on the internet and think, "Hey, I have to blog this!" It's all about sharing actually.

A co-worker once gasped when I told him my blog site, he was like "Oh my god, ikaw si Miong21?" A friend I met recently told me, "No, please don't run a blog holiday! We will miss your postings!". And my friend JayD sent me a message over FaceBook saying I have a popular gay blogsite and would like me to keep it up and post his events as well. I don't get those everyday but I am touched really. I may not be aware of how this blog has become of or to what extent it has reached in the cyberspace, but I am just expressing my thoughts, musings and my passion which is music (and uhm, men?).

Someday I would venture out more to the gay scene. I wish I could participate to all those pride march, groups like Ladlad and other Filipino gay events and activities especially if its for a cause. I do feel guilty if I promote a gay indie film and not attending it when I was personally invited by the organizers. I really do apologize if I may have disappointed some people, but if there's something I can do to promote our own, I'll do my best.

I would like to take this opportunity again (as always) to thank you my dear reader for always taking time to visit my blog. I know the comment hits on this blog is not that something to be proud of but the download hits and page hits says it all. Over 2 million page views since March 2007 alone!

Again, thank you for the never-ending support!

I know the cake may not be enough for everyone, but Happy 3rd Year Anniversary to all of us!

PS: To my Shih Tzu, thank you for always being there for me and for understanding my blogging status. I love you always and malapit na first anniv natin! OMG!

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14 comments: said...

hi miong...!

happy 3rd year anniversary for your lovely blog..

keep it up

more years ahead!
it is such an inspiration



Dave Montero said...


Anonymous said...

i've been a supporter of your blogs since last year..Congratulations!! im really happy for you..

Moses Joshua Aaron B. Atega Garcia said...

happy anniversary! your blog made days warm, wet and wild....
i love the cake... looks like loaded with pubic hair on top....

Anonymous said...

happy 3rd anniversary! more power! more men! lol

Rudy said...

Congratulations on three glorious years of blogging. I hope it will continue always. I look forward to your blog everyday.
Thanks Dave.
A dedicated reader from Toronto, Canada.

Antoine Greg said...

Hey mIonG!
WanT u 2 KnoW tHat u"VE been a great part of my OnlINE LiFE!
THANks For all;
MoRe pOweR!!!

Yffar (^^,) said...

please vote for this blog for the Rainbow Blog of the Week for Week 7 by visiting this link:

Dave Montero said...

Thanks Yffar! Guys, please vote for me for the Rainbow Bloggers Blog of the Week 7 Thanks everyone! :Þ

Unknown said...

congrats and keep on blogging! thanks for being a friend, too

Mac Callister said...

three years palang pala tong blog mo i thought it was 5 years old na e hehe

congrats!more blog post to come!cheers!

Mac Callister said...

haha isa lang ang comment na inacknowledged niya

Dave Montero said...

Like I mentioned in the post, I wasn't really expecting comments. But thanks to everyone who left a message & their warm greetings!

francisko said...

congratulations on your 3rd yr anniv... hehe
first time ko dito sa blog mo. and i must say- "im impressed". nakakatuwa ang mga post at comments. sana makilala ko pa yung ibang bloggers.

sayang, iba na pala loc mo. las pinas kasi ako eh. =)


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