Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Missing Guys4Men


I miss G4M. I really do.

With its merging with PlanetRomeo, things have really changed. I was so used to Guys4Men's layout and navigation, the bookmarking and forums. I truly miss the site.

Kaya pala I received an e-mail from PlanetRomeo sometime in February. I ignored it since it was in the Spam folder. Only to realize come March, there's a notice at G4M website that they will be merging with the PlanetRomeo networking site. Waahhh!!!

Then around March 17, Guys4Men finally ceased to exist on its own and merged with PlantRomeo.

I was able to login to PlanetRomeo once I think, I just miss G4M that's why I am probably one of the last gay blogs to announce the merging of PlanetRomeo and Guys4Men.

I've been a member of Guys4Men since May 2005, after almost 4 years ganun lang?

Sorry naman, medyo may 'letting go' issues pa rin kasi ako.

Time will come I will login again to PlanetRomeo. The site is also known as "GayRomeo". Eh kasi naman, namesake ko din kasi. That's a giveaway of my real first name. Yes dear readers, I have an online name, online nickname, personal nickname with friends, relatives and family. Hehehe!

PS: I was able to join PinoyG4M on the second day of the site's run last March 8. It is similiar to FaceBook.

Brenan Espartinez - Di Nagpaalam


This song is a composition of a dear friend, Francis. He informed me about this on Facebook and I was a bit surprised 'cos I've heard the song before from a Koreanovela of GMA-7 and I was searching for the title of the song!

Thank you Francis for your wonderful music! You are an inspiration.

YouTube URL

Enzo Pileri


Courtesy of Muscle Hunks

Download photo set at

Luis Fonsi - Se Supone


Second of my faves from Luis Fonsi. This is a hidden track from his 2003 CD "Abrazar la Vida"

Live Acoustic Performance:


Que guapo eh?!

Lyrics here

Download MP3
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