Monday, August 11, 2008

Manila 2024 Olympics Bid


Toinx! I never knew this! This is not the first time I heard something like a Manila Olympics. I think we tried out for the 2016 Olympics way back.

At hindi masyado maganda ang mga plugs sa YouTube (even the websites). Very, very bad.

Well, if the Philippine government is really serious on this, they better start with themselves. Sa mga sarili nga nating athleta kulang ang support, supportahan pa ang lodging ng mga atleta sa buong mundo? Naman!

But anyway, no one knows kung ano ang magiging sitwasyon ng Pilipinas 16 years from now. The official bidding for the 2024 Olympics will take place around 2017. Dios ko, may Earth pa kaya 'nun? But I digress! As an honest opinion, we still got a lot to catch up.

Sana focus muna na maka-gold medal bago mag-host ng Olympics.

2024 Summer Olympics*

* for some reasons, 'Manila' was removed as a potential bid at the Wikipedia page

Tina Arena - The Flame

In time of the Olympics, let me share this song from the 2000 Sydney Olympics sung by Tina Arena and the Sydney Children's Choir.

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