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Still Struggling... (Part 2)

The original title of this post was "Last post in the meantime" but I don't want readers to misinterpret it. Besides, ayokong magsalita ng tapos.

But yeah, this is indeed the last set of posts in the meantime. Medyo mahirap humiram every time I go to the internet cafe. Babad na ako sa utang. At masyado na akong naaawa sa sarili ko.

I love this blog and its readers. Di ko alam kung bakit binabalik-balikan ko pa rin 'to despite my financial difficulties. Sa totoo lang, hindi lang naman pera ang problema ko. This is a personal blog, but I'm not going to divulge each and every single personal problem. Maraming tao na mas mabigat pa ang dinadalang problema kesa sa dinadala ko ngayon. Ganun talaga ang buhay. But please don’t blame me; I’m just really depressed right now.

I'd like to thank (again and again) my readers. Your comments and support does indeed make me happy. Keep sharing your comments & appreciation. I just hope you'll bear with me. I'll make it up to you guys as soon as matapos 'tong punyetang thesis ko na 'to kahit na it's going nowhere.

Sana nga lang may time akong mag-internet kapag may work na ako. Kasi right now, madami akong oras, kaso 'alang pera. Pag may work naman, madaming ngang pera, kulang naman sa oras. Life's a bitch!

One last note, the stuffs I promised for March, I may not be able to post them all within this month. Baka yung iba sa April na or after na ng Holy Week. At this point, I am really not sure if I will be able to go online within the next few days or weeks.

Take care everyone and God Bless!

Miong's Top 12 Senatoriables

UPDATE: Comments are off to this post. I totally regretted asking for feedbacks. To the one who called me a 'coward' for deleting his senseless comments, sinong mas duwag sa atin, Mr. Anonymous? Go on, put up your own blog and post your own list of Senatoriables there. Sige nga at tingnan natin.

Heto na, my most personal blog entry so far. Hindi lang naman ako puro kalibugan at kabaklaan. Medyo may pakialam rin naman ako sa ibang bagay lalo na kung tungkol na sa ating bayan. I watch 24 Oras everyday so I am really 'aware' what's happening out there.


* This is NOT a solicitation NOR a propaganda to discredit (well, I wish!) a certain individual or group of people. It is merely a list of candidates the author of this blog is going to support. Hence, my OPINION of who should be in the top 12 Senatorial slots. (This is my blog, right?! I can say what I want here.)
* I am NOT in any way connected to any of the persons listed below NOR have received any conceivable items and/or amount pertaining to this list.
* This list is NOT copied or referenced to any other Senatorial listings, survey or tally out there.
* The list/ranking may change as Election Day gets nearer. This list is my official list as of May 13, 2007.

Here's a fearless account of my Top 12 Senatoriables. (in order of preference)


Siya siguro ang nasa Malacañang ngayon if she won over Noli De Castro when the 'Hello Garci?' issue went out of its cave.

2ESCUDERO, Francis

A very brave and intelligent young man. Ang mga taong katulad niya ang kailangan ng bayan natin ngayon. Hindi ang mga makalumang mga TRAPO at TUTA na yan. Worse, mga HIMUDEROS, himud-pwet that is. (Sorry, can't help it)

3LACSON, Panfilo

Kailangan ko pa ba 'tong i-explain? What would it be like if he won the Presidential Elections in 2004? Haay...sayang talaga.

4CAYETANO, Alan Peter

Another hot, new and young breed of individual na dapat mailuklok sa Senado. To Sir Alan Cayetano, bilib po ako sa inyong katapangan!


Loved this guy! One of the few good (military) men I know na may 'bayag', ika nga.

6HONASAN, Gregorio

We need you back in the Senate, Sir Gringo. That's all I can say.

7ARROYO, Joker

The lone running Senator from the 'so-called' Administration ticket in my list. Siya lang ang matino sa kanila para sa akin. Period!

8VILLAR, Manuel

Whether he opted for the Administration ticket, I'll still vote for him. But I didn't like the 'dance' steps in his campaign TVC huh! Sorry, it's just ain't good...


Another comeback to Senate, for me maganda ang record ni Ms. Nikki Coseteng, and I really admire her. Masipag, kahit na medyo kulang sa resources. For me, yan ang sukatan ng tunay na nagseserbisyo sa bayan.

10ROCO, Sonia

Widow to former Senator Raul Roco, and the third woman in my list. Best if we have them around. Mabuhay ang mga Kababaihan lalo na sa mga ulirang ina.


Honestly, I've got no one else left to choose so I'm going for Noynoy Aquino, son of the late former Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr. (In short, kapatid siya ni Kris Aquino?! My gass!)


Congressman: Ruffy Biazon
Mayor: Aldrin San Pedro
Vice-Mayor: Ren-Ren Cayetano


Brett Mycles (1977-2007)


aka Rob Sager, Brett has appeared on All-American Guys and has done videos for Sharpshooter Studios.

He died on February 28, 2007 due to a heart failure (geez, I am so late for this due to my rare visits on the internet).

You will be missed, Brett.

Faith Cuneta - Nakasanayan Ko Na Ba


This is the Love Theme from the hit GMA-7 Koreanovela "JuMong".

Track taken from Faith Cuneta's 2005 EP "Pangarap"

Such a remarkable song. I remember I used to have the same notion about 6 years ago. The "can't-breathe-can't-eat-can't-live-can't-smile-without-him" thing. Luckily I've overcome and got out of it after some breakups and disappointments.

Funny this was, I even forgot what it's like to be in love. A part of me wants to try it again, the other part tells me not to go even near 'love' anymore.

But heck, I don't think true 'gay' love exists anymore. There's too much players & a-holes out there.

Songs like these reminds me of the past, memories of who I was and what I have become.

MUSIC VIDEO CONCEPT: The setting would be in a sultry resthouse-like home, all with lavish furnitures. Most scenes will be shot either in the bedroom or just Faith Cuneta in bed singing (since it's just a short song). First part is she's in bed, singing the song. Then she goes up for breakfast, kinda weak or unable to prepare for herself. She got used to her guy bringing her breakfast in bed or having breakfast with him. Of course there are some flashbacks. There will be a scene wherein she's in the breakfast table but is unable or unwilling to eat. She'll be sitting sideways from the table right in front of the camera and still in her nightgown (dapat kita ang legs para sexy). Then another shot wherein she's sitting on the floor to her knees right beside the bed towards the end of the song, really suffering from the loss.

The concept is actually based from the song itself wherein she got used to her man beside her all the time. At first the viewer will realize it's just an ordinary break-up, but towards the end of the song it would come up that the guy didn't just leave the house or the girl (Faith), he actually passed away.

Xenxa na sinapian na naman ako kaya may video concept. LOLz

Download MP3
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File information:
/ Filename: Faith Cuneta - Nakasanayan Ko Na Ba.mp3
/ Size: 3.82MB
/ Bit Rate: 128 kbps
/ Length: 4:09

Dennis McIrvin - Bachelor


Download clip
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Video information:
Format: Windows Media Audio/Video
Filesize: 15MB
Dimension: 320 x 240
Duration: 08:02

DJ Mo Twister - 40 Forbidden Questions (March 7, 2007)


Controversial radio jock Mo Twister played his own game on his own show over Magic 89.9 last Wednesday, March 7 on its 40 Forbidden Questions segment. It is rumored that it is the last Forbidden Questions event.

This interview was conducted with Mojo Jojo. Maui Taylor failed to attend to her jock post.

Sorry, no interview transcipts. Tinatamad ako.

Download audio recordings:
Part 1 (7.85MB, 22mins 52secs)
Part 2 (6.79MB, 19mins 46secs)
Part 3 (8.06MB, 23mins 28secs)



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