Sunday, July 15, 2007

Moving out - cancelled

Cancelled my transfer to Manggahan, Pasig. Hindi kasi matino kausap ko dun. Haay!

I was so excited pa naman to move out, and yeah, gusto ko na sana 'yung place kahit looban siya. Meaning I have to take a tricycle ride from the main road.

With this case, I am kinda hesitant to post any roomshare ads on this blog and sa G4M. I think I should start scouting from scratch na lang and get rid from this side.

Good thing ibinalik naman 'yung P1,000 na downpayment. I was actually thinking na baka they're some kind of a scam or modus operation. Nakakahiya tuloy sa mga kasama ko. How could they trust me again with these referral issues?

Sometimes the people you really expect to help you eh 'yun pa ang mangga-gago sa'yo.

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