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Weekly Top 7 (September 1, 2006)


1. Mariah Carey - Sprung
2. Mariah Carey - Slipping Away
3. Cueshé - Pasensya Na
4. Cueshé - Borrowed Time
5. Juana - Ikaw Pa Rin
6. Sponge Cola - Nakapagtataka
7. Lovi Poe - Every Little Step

I'm pretty sure 'sprung' is an overused word in gay sex stories, but I digress. This track is from Mariah's new "unofficial" album, "My Life" or some might call it "Mah Life." It was an instant fave of mine, and right on to the top spot. The verse sounds like the So So Def Remix of "Honey" but, as always, great vocals. Buti hindi sumasakit panga ni Mariah sa mga songs nya.

MARIAH CAREY - Slipping Away
A nice slow beat song again from her "My Life" album. Hope she releases this one.

CUESHÉ - Pasensya Na
The intro/verse sounds like Bamboo's "Hallelujah" (i-sample daw ba?!) and I doubt Cueshé will release this song. But I like this because of its cute lyrics. LOLz "Kaya pasensya na kung may pagtingin na ako sa iyo/Di mapigilan bulong ng damdamin/Isisigaw ko para mapansin mo/Pansinin mo naman ako!"

CUESHÉ - Borrowed Time
Also lifted from Cueshé's latest album "Back To Me," my prediction to be the next radio single.

JUANA - Ikaw Pa Rin
Not that great vocals, but the song's lyrics actually caught my attention. "...At kahit naglaho ka na/Muling sumama sa kanya/Sa aking puso ay ikaw pa rin/Ikaw pa rin.."

SPONGE COLA - Nakapagtataka
Taken from the tribute CD to APO Hiking Society. IMHO, the best track in the album. Other notable tracks are Sound's "Di Na Natuto," Drip's "Kabilugan Ng Buwan," Shamrock's "Paano" & Top Suzara's "Anna." The others suck big time!

LOVI POE - Every Little Thing
Despite the intrigues she's getting nowadays, I still love her together with this song, LOLz!

Pedro & Daniel - Bar


Download clip (68MB)

NOTE: The quality of the video is not the same as the above sample image.

Sean - AussieBum


A way to work on an AussieBum. LOLz

Download clip (11MB)


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