Saturday, February 10, 2007

Off to Bicol


I'm off to Bicol within 8 hours...

Will attend a funeral for our distant relative (mother side).

Finally, makakatungtong na rin ako ng Bicol. Masisilayan ko na rin ang Mayon.

DARN! I wish I had a digicam! &$%#!

Will be back here in Manila on Wednesday morning.

The Gay Guy's Guide to Love (by Ken Hanes)


Just in time for Valentines. Hehe!

UPDATE: Uploaded new 'clean' version, image background removed.

My most treasured book. It helped me a lot during my earlier years.

I got this for a bargain price of only PhP150 compared to its tag price of US$8.95.

I have posted the HTML version of this book on my defunct Yahoo! Groups but this time I converted it to PDF version with special font styles similiar to the real book.

Hope you guys have a great time reading it as much as I did.

Some tips may not apply to our current time & culture, but way back this WAS my Bible! LOLz

Download e-Book
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File information:
/ Format: PDF
/ Filesize: 267KB
/ Original Release Year: 1997
/ Publisher: Random House

More info about the book here.

Weekly Top 7 (February 9, 2007)


1. Lea Salonga - My Foolish Heart
2. Lea Salonga - Promise Me
3. Shamrock - Hold On
4. Lea Salonga - Do You You Hear It?
5. Christian Bautista - My Heart Has A Mind of Its Own
6. Babyface - With Him
7. Katharine McPhee - Over It

LEA SALONGA - My Foolish Heart
Haaay! My heart melted instantly with this one! It is as if I'm being sucked back to the 50's or something. Great rendition! The best track on Lea's newest CD! Whew!

LEA SALONGA - Promise Me
Saw the ASAP & SOP performance of this song on YouTube, mas maganda yung sa SOP. Mas na-enjoy nya yung experience compared sa ASAP.

Jumong #1 na talaga sa ratings!! Hahaha!

LEA SALONGA - Do You Hear It?
This is one of the original tracks on the album being penned by Lani Macaraeg. Parang pang-soundtrack ito ng isang Disney animated film, LOLz!

CHRISTIAN BAUTISTA - My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own
I think this is the song used for "Mano Po 5" and it is being played over the radio these days, can't get over it though.

This is my Song ID#19, I knew instantly it was Babyface but geez, why the hell I missed this one? This is lifted from his 2004 CD "Face 2 Face".

Sounds a bit like JoJo to me, but there's this 'video concept' thing going on in my head again whenever I listen to this song: black background, huge sliding sheets of glass everywhere moving horizontally (Kat's flickering on them as she walks on by), Katharine strutting towards the screen (as if she's walking on an invisible threadmill), scenes will cut through head shot, side shots, full-body & upper-body shots, little dancing here and there and she must be on a nice, elegant dress. Hmm...

Mr. World Philippines 2007 Photos

Pageant Night on February 17 to be aired over GMA-7.

I'm rooting for John Lopez, Iago Raterta, Emannuel Mago & Peiman Borja.

(right click, 'Save Link As' for hi-res)

Todd's Story - Coronation Street (Parts 13-14)




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