Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lea Salonga - Tagumpay Nating Lahat

Very nice! Huge thanks to the uploader!

Behind the scenes from the 1991 music video courtesy of PLDT. Wow! I wish there's the actual music video of this.

Matter Over Mind


Rockstar (The Making)


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Snow Patrol - Signal Fire


I know this is a bit late. This is taken from the movie soundtrack of "Spider-man 3".

Loved the music video!

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/ Length: 3:57

Mandy Moore - Could Have Been Watching You


Fave track of the moment. This is actually a bonus track from her new CD "Wild Hope".

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/ Filename: Mandy Moore - Could Have Been Watching You.mp3
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/ Length: 3:13

Twilight - Tyrone's butt

[ updated 8/5/2007 : corrected download URL ]

Clip #17 of 18.

Final strip session for Tyrone Perez in the movie, includes a butt exposure.

NOTE: This is the actual DVD rip.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Floating in Libis

This whole week is a floating week for us. There's no available trainer kasi. Sana sa Makati na lang kami inilagay. At night shift pa ha. Second week at work, nasabak kagad sa night shift ba?

It is still undecided if we're going back to Makati next week or stay here in Libis. Sheez, one week akong uwian from Alabang to Libis!

Hopefully mag-start na talaga kami for Client Specifics Training next week.

Weekly Top 7 (July 27, 2007)

1. Kelly Clarkson - Sober
2. Regina Spektor - Samson
3. Kelly Clarkson - Fading
4. Kelly Clarkson - Yeah
5. Restless Heart - When She Cries
6. Nicole Scherzinger featuring T.I. - Whatever You Like
7. Mandy Moore - Could've Been Watching You

Thursday, July 26, 2007


'Sean', our openly-gay and ultralicious cutie trainer for this week at Libis (would you believe we're back in Libis?!) added me to his Friendster account today.

I finally saw his pics there as well as those of his partner. They look good together of course.

Most of my female co-trainees still can't believe or admit to themselves that Sean is gay. It is because all of what they are aware of are the stereotype gays. The parloristas and everything. They kept saying "Oh, Sean couldn't be gay. He's so cute and oh so handsome!"


So if I come out to them, it would be okay 'cause I'm not cute and handsome like the rest of the gayguys on this planet?

Hmm, I'm giving myself 4 months that's all. First mission is of course my fashion get up. I should get some fashion makeover or improvements by November. Coming near second is of course the gym. Fuck, I swear I'll hit the gym. Third but not the least is those famous gay spots and clubs I am dying to go to since the birth of this planet. I have to familiarized myself to those places.

Of course, I can't go to those clubs if I look sluggish and stressed as a baboon right?

To Sean, of course best of wishes to you and your hubby! Muah! I wish I could post your picture here so everyone will have an idea how truly goodlooking you are! You remind me of my last-ex whom I believe is now in Taiwan. Hehe! But I'm okay.

And thanks nga pala for the advice! I truly appreciate them!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Johnny The Bagger


Our trainer shared this very inspirational clip on our last day of Tech Foundation Skills Training.

I am so touched with this one I swore I will make each and every work day a happy and inspiring day!

The download file below contains the SWF & FLV clip versions, an MP3 of the touchy background music and the 14 screencaps from the clip.

Download Johnny The Bagger (8.20MB)
password: miong21
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Weekly Top 7 (July 20, 2007)

1. Kelly Clarkson - Sober
2. Regina Spektor - Samson
3. Kelly Clarkson - Yeah
4. Restless Heart - When She Cries
5. Nicole Scherzinger featuring T.I. - Whatever You Like
6. Mandy Moore - Could've Been Watching You
7. Kelly Clarkson - How I Feel

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Back to PBCom

Parang gusto kong kumanta ng "Back To You" ni John Mayers nito. Hehe!

Unfortunately, hindi ko rin makikita si Agent Yap. Kasi medyo sa ibang floor sila.

Anyway, Day 2 of our Technical Foundation Skills Training. We took more phone spiels of course, but other than that, nothing else extravagant.

Mas okay sana dito sa Makati, of course mas malapit. Sobrang hirap talaga sa Libis.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sneak Peek @ Shaw

We arrived at our new site here in Shaw. Sobrang lamig!!! Probably because the aircon system is new. The super downside is amoy pintura everywhere.

Astig naman ang pantry! Sa sobrang laki, it has two sets of vendo machines, coffee and juices dispensers. Yun nga lang, 'ala pang chairs so tyaga muna sa high tables sa center aisle.

I am a bit excited kasi kasama pala namin 'yung isang co-trainee from the past two days. I thought sa Support group siya kasi he's super goodlooking and just came from South Korea so he speaks well in English. I can't name him yet. Oh, wait, let's call him 'Agent Cuadrado'. He shares his real name with the celebrity Cuadrado who recently moved to GMA-7 from ABS-CBN. This cutie celeb hunk is part of the morning show "Unang Hirit". LOLz

At the end of the day, our trainor decided to move us to the Makati area because of the paint scent all over the place. Medyo nakakahilo talaga.

Agent Santos and I decided to browse some stuffs nga pala at Shopwise-Alabang for our room place sana. Soap dispensers, cabinets, comforters, at kung anu-ano pa.

We ate at the ground level Chowking as we waited for his girlfriend. Nanuod sila ng 'Transformers'. Siyempre niyaya ko na siya beforehand, pero siyempre, mas gusto niya kasama girlfriend nya. Magtatampo daw. Shet!

O cia, balik PBCom na naman. Para na kaming trumpo nyan. Baka next week, sa Cebu na kami ma-assign nyan!? Ok lang yun, as long as merong P10,000 relocation package. Hehe!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Drink Spree in Libis

This is our last day for our orientation. My co-trainees (Alabang group) went out on a drinking spree at Something Fishy around 6pm.

My last drink was last February pa 'ata. I took only 2 SanMig Light. Kasi nga I don't drink that much. Bumabaligtad sikmura ko. Hehe! Pero grabe ako malasing. LOLz

It rained before 5pm, dyahe siempre. We took refuge in KFC and planned our carpool for tomorrow.

We were assigned to Shaw by the way tomorrow for our 3-day Technical Foundation Skills Training. So it is safe to say na blessing in disguise siguro na hindi natuloy 'yung paglipat ko to Pasig. Ang layo kaya nun to Shaw!

We left the place around 8pm. Mega-traffic sa Shaw. We decided to drop by at our new site sa The Annex @ Shaw before actually heading home south at Alabang. Got home past 10pm na to think 7am pa pasok ko tomorrow. Arrghhh!

Monday, July 16, 2007


So, it is my first day at work. Err, actually orientation pa lang but actual pay na.

Purnada ang lipat-bahay di ba? So I left home around 5:30 in the morning. Met 2 of my co-trainees (coming from the Las Piñas area) at Metropolis. We arrived at Libis around 6:10am.

One of our trainor is I think a bisexual, or more of a metrosexual type of guy. But he's a really good speaker, he's half-Brazilian half-Pinoy though. But I don't know, he's sense of fashion is really way off for me.

I learned a lot of stuffs about our company today. And it made me proud that I am part of it. I must admit that I have no previous knowledge whatsoever of its clients, awards, NASDAQ status and other profiles until today.

I can only say one thing: WOAH!

So ayan, icebreakers na naman. Topic was (drumrolls!!!) geography. At puro capital cities na naman itu! My group won obviously. Though best of 5, I only got the chance to answer twice.

Rule was only 1 member of the group can stand up and answer on the gamemaster's cue. If more than one stood up, other group can steal. Taray di ba?

Hungary's capital was quite easy. Within 2 seconds wala pa rin tumayo from any of my groupmates or the other groups, I was like "Shit, tangina ako lang talaga nakaka-alam" so I stood up and shouted "Budapest!"

On United Kingdom, I was quite astounded no one dared to answer 'London'. I guess I got lucky on this one. Imposibleng di nila alam na London ang capital ng UK.

More on the orientation stuffs after our free (Jollibee) lunch around noon. Around 2pm we were dismissed early for our 2-hour ID picture taking.

I brought along a necktie for this one though I didn't wear it during the orientation kasi exagge na. Ako lang naka-executive attire dun.

I really value this orientation even though 2 days lang siya. As well as the forthcoming training programs. If it says 'Smart Business Casual' then I'll wear long sleeves (folded up to elbows). Pag dress down nga naka polo pa din ako. I guess di ako mapapasuot ng maong except on parties or events. Pero pag sa office, ewan, OC lang siguro talaga ako. Or should I say, a really old-fashioned guy. I should get better after, hmm, 3 months? LOLz

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Moving out - cancelled

Cancelled my transfer to Manggahan, Pasig. Hindi kasi matino kausap ko dun. Haay!

I was so excited pa naman to move out, and yeah, gusto ko na sana 'yung place kahit looban siya. Meaning I have to take a tricycle ride from the main road.

With this case, I am kinda hesitant to post any roomshare ads on this blog and sa G4M. I think I should start scouting from scratch na lang and get rid from this side.

Good thing ibinalik naman 'yung P1,000 na downpayment. I was actually thinking na baka they're some kind of a scam or modus operation. Nakakahiya tuloy sa mga kasama ko. How could they trust me again with these referral issues?

Sometimes the people you really expect to help you eh 'yun pa ang mangga-gago sa'yo.

Current ZEN tracklisting (as of July 15, 2007)

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NOTE: This tracklisting is not remotely available via the Internet. Please do not request for copies of some files.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Libis-Pasig rendezvous (a.k.a. 'Moving Out')

I did some ocular on some bedspace and room-for-rent today in the Pasig area with a forthcoming colleague (he's straight; he's cute and has a girlfriend. DARN!).

Let's call him Agent Santos. Again, his real first name denotes of the same Pinoy singer rumored to be gay and previously had an affair with a sexy comedian-singer. (Haha! Ang kulet!)

Please note that Agent Santos' surname doesn't necessarily mean "Santos", I explicitly said only the first name. The surname is just a clue. Ok, enough with the explanation.

Medyo todo-bonding kami ni Agent Santos this whole day. Finally, nakakita na rin ako ng room4rent courtesy of a blog reader. I am a bit lucky, I had a chance to get to know Agent Santos in a single day and know a lot of things about him. His life, his experiences and his dreams. On our previous training, he was next to Agent Yap when it comes to the 'looks' category. Agent Santos has a resemblance to Sam Milby, eh I don't like Sam Milby nowadays kaya di ko pinapansin si Agent Santos though I knew since then he's from Las Piñas. And now, we'll be staying in one room (along with two other guys from our batch) for the next 11 weeks beginning on Sunday. Very nice, eh?!

We met at Metropolis, it felt like I was meeting a cute guy back there. Guys, until now I really can't believe I got a chance to be with him on a solo trip. We both had our lunch at EDSA Central, rode jeepneys and tricycles side by side, chat mostly about our tenure in Libis and the forthcoming training itself. 'La lang, I really can't believe it. I think magkakasundo kami when it comes to tidiness. The guy's also a neat freak like me. Solve! Haha! He's got quite a nice body and I've already arranged gym sessions with him after two months. Medyo tight budget kami for the first few months since we had to buy some stuffs for our new place pa.

After securing payments and some briefings with the landlady at Manggahan, Pasig, we took a dry run sort of ride to Libis. 'Cos we'll be having our 11-week training in the Eastwood area. It's kinda rainy earlier this afternoon so medyo dugyot na kaming dalawa by the time we arrived Libis. By the way, it's my first time in Libis. Not that ecstatic, seen it on TV and pictures na. But I'm pretty excited when my first payslip comes. Butasan ng bulsa itu sa dami ng kainan ah?! I love food! And yung Dairy Queen Ice Cream parlor dun, shucks, bilang na araw nun! Haha!

We both went inside the training building along with our former co-trainees. Agent Yap was there. It's Friday so dress-down. He's wearing a tight-fit jeans. The bulge will be indefinitely etched in my mind of course. And geez, he kept on fixing his crotch area when he followed Agent Santos and me to the men's room to take a leak and a breather. Was he teasing me? If he was, he knew already? How? Anyhow, James, please don't do that again next time please?

We had some chit-chat there, yes, inside the men's room. The first time he saw me, he called me on a first name basis. I was like, "he still remember me...". ('Dave Montero' is not my real name) Imagine, me with Agent Yap and Agent Santos inside the men's room? Haha! Honestly, I had to lean on a wall for support since I might pass out because of the two human beings I am with in a very unfitting place. Miong, anu ka ba?! LOLz

Anyway, I've digressed already. Moving on. As the original title of this post suggests, yes I am moving out of the house but not permanently. I just didn't like the idea of going home every weekend just to visit folks, chill out at home or worse, wash/press my clothes.

That'll mean I am going to be away, very far away from my ever trusted computer and my good lovin' internet cafe where I usually post stuffs and put this blog (and the X-rated blog) in action. But I saw a couple of internet cafes along Taniman Avenue.

This might be bad news to some, but I'll try my best to post whenever and wherever possible.

This is it, I've been waiting for this job opportunity for months and I don't want to mess it up.

My first long-term goal would be to acquire a laptop. But heck, by the time I've saved enough money for that I might as well be re-assigned back to the Alabang site! I do not need a laptop anymore 'cos I'm back with my computer.

I really can't run a bedspace or room-4-rent ad with a "desktop computer" or "internet connection" requirement, can I? So I have to sacrifice my blogging in the mean time.

But I promise I won't let you wait that long, ok? I'll post whenever I can.

PS: A.C., again I am eternally grateful for your support and assistance with regards to everything I am currently incapable of doing. I may not be able to repay you in this lifetime but I hope I may be able to do so in the next lifetime. I am very blessed to have met an incredible, thoughtful and loving person like you. May the Good Lord bless you always. Take care!

Piolo Pascual - Bench Overhauled Jeans


Promo shoot for Bench Overhauled Jeans.

Papa Piolo, wala ka pa rin kakupas-kupas. Hehe!

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Jensen Ross Ackles


My new banner boy, Jensen Ross Ackles. He stars on the hit CW series Supernatural.

(right click, 'Save Link As' for hi-res)

Photo credit: JRAUnlimited / JensenAcklesFans


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