Thursday, March 29, 2007

nAkU c miong?

Wilmer, a very good friend of mine, sent this text message to me last February 22, 2007:

"nAkU c

mHiLig yAn S:
nDi xA:
aYw nYa nG:
LuV xA Ni:
LuV ña c:
msyA xa:
Pakisg0t nga,w8
ko ha,kung kila2
mo na q! Tnx!Ü

I replied to him filling in the blanks and sent the same forwarded SMS to some of my friends over the next couple of days. Of course, I changed the name to "mi0ng"!

And here's their response! Mine's in italics. Unfortunately, some didn't reply. My sincere thanks to those who replied by the way!

Ahm wla me
masbi e.Ü.




hirap naman nito
ang alam ko
kang kung anu
hilig mu:SEX
love mu:SEX etc

(Langya k Jeff, sex pla huh?! Lgot k sa kin pg ngkita tau! )



c mi0ng?

mHLg yn:sex? (isa kpa wilmer! yari ka din skn!)
nPKa:libog?ü (hahaha!)
nDi xA:myabang
aYw nYa nG:plastik (yep, ayko tlg s plastik)
LuV xa Ni:elm0 (nahks! )
LuV ña c:anu dw?
sNa:mgng sucesful din xa!
msyA xa:san?



"nAkU c

mHiLig yAn S: songs
sObrAnG: OC
LaGiNg: nkangiti (hehe!)
nPaKa: organized
aYw nYa nG: magulo (pero magulo buhay q...)
LuV xA Ni: Lord (hehe! )
LuV ña c: Lord
msyA xa: 4ever (4life!)



"nAkU c

mHiLig yAn S: music
sObrAnG: neat freak (hehe!)
nPaKa: prangka
nDi xA: mayabang
aYw nYa nG: marumi/makalt
LuV xA Ni: rey :-) (i luv u too rey! )
LuV ña c: librarian ex-bf (huwaattt!!? joke!)
sNa: yumaman sya (sna, huhuhu!)
msyA xa: pag kita nya mga crush nya (yes, heaven! )



"nAkU c

mHiLig yAn S: music
sObrAnG: artistic yan!
LaGiNg: handang 2mulong (yes!)
nPaKa: friendly (lalo na pag single, haha! )
nDi xA: plastik
aYw nYa nG: mayabang
LuV xA Ni: ???????
LuV ña c: sino ba? Hehe
sNa: mkita na kita! (ikaw lang eh, hehe!)
msyA xa: bilang kapuso! Ü (aba, xempre! )


Acqua Di Gio


Last night, patulog na ako when suddenly I got a phone call from my best girl-friend who's now working in Qatar Bahrain. Ang bruha, after 3 months nagparamdam na rin sa wakas. Super iksi ng pag-uusap namin. As in two minutes lang ata. I bet madami pa siyang tatawagan dito sa Pinas. Konting kamustahan lang. At sukat ba namang tanungin pa ako kung namamayagpag ba ang lovelife ko?! Nyakk! As if meron?!

Actually I am pretty worried for her kasi Muslim country 'yun at napakaputi niya. I begged her off to work to any other Asian country except those in the Middle East pero mapilit ang bruha.

Before she ended our call, she asked me quickly what kind of perfume I would want to have. I am under the impression na 'yun ang pasalubong niya sa akin. Since medyo ecstatic pa ako dahil sa tawag niya, only one name came into my mind: Acqua Di Gio by Armani. It's my all-time fave not because it's the first one that I had (c. 1996). I really really find it good at hindi siya masakit sa ilong. 'Yung bagong Ponds Oil Solution Facial Scrub kaamoy ng Acqua Di Gio kasi it also used citrus & mint.

Any guy wearing that scent could drive me nuts and go gaga over him.

But wait, alam nyo reaksyon ng friend ko sa Aqua Di Gio?

"Punyeta, 'yung pinakamahal pa talaga ang gusto mo! Kaloka ka!"

Well, ganyan lang talaga kami mag-usap. Truth be told, every gay guy on the planet has a best girl friend around.

Lea Salonga - Promise Me (MYX Live)

I think this is the official music video for this song.

Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories


YAY! At meron na pala nito sa DVD! Meron kaya nito dito sa Pinas?! Waahhh!

I used to watch this show on RPN-9 eevry Friday night ages ago. One of the episodes that I remember is "The 13th Hour", unfortunately it is not in Season One pala.

I really enjoyed watching "Amazing Stories" when I was a kid. Yung iba out of this world ang plot, some have family issues, yung iba ma-aksyon and meron ding comedy. Galeng talaga!

I'll try to look for it around here. Sa Alabang madaming pwesto, bwahahaha!

Grabe sa Amazon, $33.99! That's PhP1,600++! My gass!

Chris & James - hot 69

(moved to MiongXXX)

courtesy of Randy Blue

Download at

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Lani Misalucha - All In Love Is Fair


The best track in Lani Misalucha's latest CD, IMHO.

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/ Size: 3.50MB
/ Bit Rate: 128 kbps
/ Length: 3:48

Raymond Lim - Chef


Download clip
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Video information:
Format: Windows Media Audio/Video
Filesize: 14MB
Dimension: 320 x 240
Duration: 05:21
Bit Rate: 374 kbps


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