Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Movie Time: Iron Man


Watched this one with Agent J at SM Megamall. He insisted on watching this one. I am not a movie-goer, apparently he is. Anyway, it's his treat naman, pero akin daw ang food! Yun lang!

But I enjoyed the time kahit na super antok na ako. We watched this one after our shift so around 1-3pm. Technically I should be asleep at that time pero okay lang, hehe.

Robert Downey, Jr. is still hot. I could remember watching some of his movies in the early 90's.

The movie is good, I wasn't expecting much actually since I am not familiar with the Marvel superhero.

Loved the effects and the cars! Gawd, those cars! Wohoo!

The Two Davids


Saw these pictures on the internet...hmm? Isyu ba ito? Nyahaha! They look cute together huh?! Toinx!

A teammate and I share this lurid fantasy about these two Davids, but I'd rather not discuss it here. Let the images here speak for themselves! LOLz

Nah, I wish both Davids luck. It's going to be the battle of the two Davids on this year's American Idol. Either of them taking home the title is fine with me. They will both have great careers ahead of them naman eh.

OJ Mariano - Di Ka Na Akin


This is my fave track when I bought OJ Mariano's latest CD, "Ballads". Will post the full album soon.

Syempre, can relate kasi ako sa song. But I'm over him naman eh. The sentiments were a few days ago pa before I left for Galera. I have someone to look up to right now.

But last week, sobrang emote ako dito sa song na 'to...

"Pa'no nga ba maging masaya? / Kung ikaw ang ligaya..."

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Gladys Guevarra - The Comic Diva

I laughed out loud on the "I'm with you through all the way.." part! Grabe!

Saw this almost a month ago pa, but now ko lang share, hehe!


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