Monday, April 19, 2010

Danny Gokey - I Will Not Say Goodbye


{Note: I originally posted this on my Facebook page last March 10, 2010. And yes, this might be an understatement LOLz}

I was able to sample American Idol Season 8 Finalist Danny Gokey's debut album last Monday and IMO the best CD out of the Top 4 Finalists of that season. I liked at least half of the songs on the CD.

I was surprised he ventured the Country music path but I'm glad his voice suited the genre.

This song is rumored to be the 2nd single from his debut CD "My Best Days". It is one of my fave tracks on the CD, second after "Crazy Not To".

Reading the title of the song and upon hearing it, I knew it was dedicated to his late wife who died weeks prior to his American Idol audition.

Other standout tracks are "Tiny Life" and "It's Only".

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