Tuesday, July 10, 2007

ISO: Bedspace in Pasig

NOTE: This topic is closed.

Guys, this is my last call. I don't know where to turn to na. I tried G4M and Yahoo! Groups but to no avail.

I was hoping there's a reader here who could help me. July 16 na guys ang start ko. I need to nail this bedspace shit before that. Geez, July 10 na.

I've reconsidered Libis and will attempt to rent a place within the Pasig area na lang so by the time I am assigned at Shaw, closer na and no need to move to another place again.

Help guys, my number is at the 'Contact' page. You could text me.

Thanks in a million!

PS: No posts today, my mom's complaining of our sky-rocket electric bill which is why I wasn't able to draft posts or prepare stuffs. Pasensya na guys kung walang posts.


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