Monday, November 22, 2010



TOINX!!!! Wehehehe!!!

Ryan Terry of Great Britain wins Mister International 2010


Ryan Terry, a model from Great Britain wins Mister International 2010 held in Bali, Indonesia.

Raphael Carlos of the Philippines placed in the Top 15 Semifinals.

More pictures from the pageant here
(courtesy of Missosology)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

RapidShare officially SUCKS!!!


Or should I say, RapidShit Sucks!

I have plans today to upload some new stuff for my blog and I realized I cannot download anymore from the site EVEN though I am a PREMIUM user. And my Premium Points are all GONE!!!

They now requires Rapid(Shit)PRO that you need to purchase minimum of 5.99 €. Fuck, that's Php355!!!

I didn't receive any e-mails or notice about these changes?!

And you cannot even download a single file for an hour! A pop-up shit will prompt you to sign-up for their fucking expensive contracts.

I thought if this was the case, none of my stuff will be downloaded! Back then, it was so DIFFICULT for non-premium users to download fiels from RapidShare, but now???

EVERYONE!!! Use Megaupload, Hotfile, 4Shared, Mediafire or whatever file-sharing site out there! Leave RapidShare!

And they have the nerves to wish everyone a nice freakin' weekend!

Like the hell! My weekend is as screwed as they are!

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Rapidshare Sucks


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