Wednesday, April 29, 2009

If You Never Crossed My Life: The Anniversary CD

[ updated playlist 5/3/2009 ]

Finally, our anniversary CD!

We handpicked each and every song, and if you will notice this is our story. How we met, how we decided and how we made it through this past year.

I will be giving out the CD to some of my friends, but some of the songs has been posted already here at my blog.

View the playlist

1. Indecent Obsession - Fixing A Broken Heart
2. The Fray - You Found Me
3. Melinda Doolittle - Through The Fire
4. Patti LaBelle - If Only You Knew
5. Tina Arena - Welcome To My World
6. Keane - Somewhere Only We Know
7. Brandy - Come A Little Closer
8. Paul McCartney - This Never Happened Before
9. LeAnn Rimes - How Do I Live
10. Agot Isidro - Everyday
11. Erik Santos - I'll Never Go
12. Taylor Hicks - What's Right Is Right
13. Francis Salazar - If You Never Crossed My Life
14. Side A - Forevermore
15. Louie Heredia - Can Find No Reason
16. 98º - My Everything
17. Michael W. Smith - Love of My Life
18. Lea Salonga - Of All The Things
19. David Pomeranz - I Still Believe In You
20. Richard Marx - Now And Forever

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