Thursday, March 26, 2009

New house, new life

front door from the inside

Finally! A house of our own for me and my Shih Tzu! Hehe!

June & I were scouting for the past two weeks for a new home since he was transferred to our Libis site a month ago and our place in Libertad St., Mandaluyong will take him 1 tricycle ride and 2 jeepney rides to Eastwood.

My transfer to Libis was denied however. They didn't need people on the Libis account. My account has two locations, one in Libis and the new one in Shaw since my former account closed. It was supposed to be based in Cebu but they moved it to Shaw. But I digress.

So going back, we scouted Rosario and Ugong last week. We found one in Rosario but June thought of looking to some other places since it's just the second place we saw.

So mega-trip kami to nearby Ugong, to no avail. Ang mamahal. There was one sobrang nagustuhan ko kaso Php6,000 a month. Terms were 2 months advance, 1 month deposit. That's PhP18,000 sa unang bagsakan! Pakshet!

And then we're back to the last option in Rosario for Php3,500. But last Sunday, when we phoned the landlady back, may kumuha na raw. Haaay, we were about to lose hope na.

Luckily, when he scouted alone back in Ugong near Stella Mariz, he saw one in Guanio. A studio-type unit that's perfectly fit for both of us! And the best part? It's only PhP4,000 per month! And the landlady's pretty nice too! Hindi mukhang pera.

The advantages with the new house:
1. It's just the two of us. Our own space, esp. bathroom, kitchen. We used to rent for a room before and we're sharing the house with a family of 5 children!
2. June reckoned he will really cook food for us this time since we now have our own kitchen, not to mention our own kitchen sink. We may need to buy a gas stove and fridge for it though. And a washing machine! And oh, a small dining table for two!
3. It's tiles baby! Not wood! Elegant, clean and fresh! Good thing the previous occupants were a bit careful and tidy keeping the place clean.
4. Very nice shower room! And great space as well! Kasya dalawang tao, wehehehe!

Some minor drawbacks:
1. The nearest mall would be the SM Supercenter Pasig, and it's a couple of blocks walk and a tricycle away!
2. I may need to buy a real mop this time. Since we used to rent a small room, I only sweep & dust the room with a micro-brush (if that's what it's called that June bought for me) and wet some paper towels with alcologne to wipe off the linoleum flooring.
3. The stairs leading up to our unit is a bit steep.

(click thumbnails for a larger view)
room view kitchen
room & kitchen view

shower room stairs
shower room & stairs

This house is something we both can be proud of and invite some friends over.

Now I really look forward to coming home every after day of work with my Shih Tzuh waiting for me there!

PS: Photos taken when June found out the place last Monday. We actually moved in the next day.

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