Friday, December 12, 2008

Dayo soundtrack now available


Wow! Just saw this one over PEP. Just seeing that CD art cover intensifies my excitement for this film.

There's the straight-to-video Pinoy gay flick "Paolo Rivero Versus Paolo Serrano" DVD, the "MMK - Pride Collection" DVD, then the Dayo soundtrack, wow!

And I need to buy a new computer pa!? Patay na...

Tracklisting of the CD soundtrack:

Music Videos:
1. Lipad by Lea Salonga
2. Kapit by Moymoy Palaboy
3. Lipad by Roots of Nature

Audio Tracks:
4. Lipad by Lea Salonga with Filharmonika
5. Kapit by Moymoy Palaboy
6. Daybreak by Juan Lunar
7. Kasalo at Kasuyo by Noel Cabangon
8. Pang-Surprise by Jay Durias
9. Lipad by Roots of Nature

Dayo Movie Original Music Score:
10. School Fair
11. Bubuy's Theme
12. Last Supper
13. Tree on Fire
14. Left Alone
15. Two Creatures Meet
16. Toti and Vicky
17. Cemetery Chase
18. Elementalia performed by Joey Ayala
19. Nano's House
20. Getting to Know
21. Nano's Chant
22. Adventure Begins
23. Salidumay
24. Alitub
25. Father's Love
26. Alikupuy
27. The Rescue
28. Hal-Lan
29. The Hero Rises
30. Safe and Sound
31. Peace Offering

Read the full article of the sountrack here

Bobby Tinsley - Addicted


Download MP3 (4.19MB)
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David Cook - Life On The Moon


This song rocks!

Acoustic Video Performance:

YouTube URL

Download video (MP4, 10.4MB, 4:06)

Weekly Top 7 (December 12, 2008)

1. Kyla - I'll Be Over You
2. David Archuleta - Waiting For Yesterday
3. David Archuleta - A Little Too Not Over You
4. David Cook - Life On The Moon
5. Mario Winans - Stay With Me
6. Chris Brown feat. Keri Hilson - Superhuman
7. Lea Salonga - Lipad


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