Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fête de Couleur


Photo taken from our company's new year bash last Sunday night, Fête de Couleur or the Mardi Gras Party.

The mask I'm wearing is a full-night handmade mask effort of my boyfriend. Hehe!

I had a blast that night even though we arrived really late past 9pm. The event started quite on time at 7 PM.

The male Brazilian models were so hot, I wish I could go near the stage and have the guts to take a photo or video of them. Toinx!

Everytime they were shown on the screen located on 4 locations within the venue, the girls (and gays, which are the major population of most call centers) were screaming loud! LOL

The event was held at the PICC Forum. And there were a lot of food! The concessioners didn't even bother getting our food & drink stubs (kasi nga late na kami dumating!)


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