Thursday, April 20, 2006

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Brokeback Mountain Ringtones


Here are 4 ringtones ripped from 4 tracks of Brokeback Mountain soundtrack.

Files are already compressed for your cellphones.

Actually, a friend of mine Ito requested these but since my co-moderator is insisting on a ‘Brokeback Mountain’ tribute, I decided to post these ringtones.

Please note that I purposely cropped the first few minutes of “A Love That Will Never Grow Old” so that it start off with the first Chorus.

Too bad I can’t use these ringtones for I do not have a celfone. LOLz

Download link
password: miong21

Files included in the ZIP file:
01 Opening.mp3 / 777KB
03 Brokeback Mountain 1.mp3 / 1.1MB
04 A Love That Will Never Grow Old.mp3 / 1.1MB
17 The Wings.mp3 / 897KB

Please refer to the FAQ section of SaveFile for inquiries.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Alex Castro


Download clip.

WARNING: This video file is only playable on the recent version of
Quicktime Player or VLC Player. Please check/update your version.

Video information:
/ Filesize: 24.3MB
/ Format: AVI
/ Duration: 4:13
/ Dimensions: 640 x 480

Monday, April 03, 2006

Kit Kat & Yun-Saeng



Halos paiyakin ako nitong dalawang ‘to kagabi. Bakit?

Una si Kit Kat (Katharine McPhee, American Idol Season 5 contestant), I was really shocked and annoyed at the same time that she was in the bottom 2 of the Top 10 Results Show. Bottom 2!? My Gas!!! Bottom 3 pwede pa, pero bottom 2?! Either Bucky Covington or Kellie Pickler should’ve been in her place. Expectedly, both were shocked when Ryan announced that Katharine was at the Bottom 3 nga. Grabe. I nearly fainted.

And then Ace was safe. Paksyet! Paano kung matanggal si Katharine ng ganto kaaga ng competition?! Halos mangiyak-ngiyak na ako, sana si Lisa. Although, I’m quite sad din na naalis na sya. She used to be so talented at the beginning of the competition, but her boring song choices and lack of charisma on stage was evidently, as I guessed, caused her early elimination in the contest.

I’ve been switching two programs every Wednesday and Thursday nights. I can’t just disregard American Idol kasi if I do, I may not be able to see the other contestant’s performances. Alangangang i-download ko pa lahat ng performances nila online? Siyempre yung worth lang i-download.

After AI5, I switched back to Jewel In The Palace, and learned that Yun-Saeng was appointed as the new sook-woon. At nagbigay-pugay na nga si Jang Geum sa kanya. It was a touching moment. I also predicted that scene will be shown either Wednesday or Thursday that week, since I finished reading the EP guide na.

Yun-Saeng looks good though! Hehe!


[001] KUYA JLX


This is my first blog for this group! Hehe!

And I would like to dedicate my first blog to the first 'true' and 'sincere' person I met here on the internet.

Exactly 5 years ago, I talked to a certain guy on the internet named "John LX." Apparently, he was the founder/owner of the first LGBT groups on the internet I ever joined with. It was 'BiPinoyGuys.' Mind you guys, eGroups pa nun. So everything from the buttons, to the mail attachments & colors eh jurassic na jurassic talaga! But I digress.

He has this SMS messaging on his website, and so I texted him through there and he replied right away! I actually joined his eGroups weeks prior to our first chat over the phone. Our first phone conversation was March 26, 2001. Want to know how long it lasted? 3 1/2 hours lang naman. Specifically, 12 midnight up to 3:30am. Base sa diary ko (I have kept a personal journal since 1995), he was the one who hung up first kase may office pa siya that day. It was early Monday morning nun. LOLz

Usual talks ang nangyari, kelan ako nag-start, what do I like on guys, my sexual preference, etc..etc. Though that time, I've already accepted myself as a gay guy, straight acting, discreet gay guy. John LX was not the first guy I talked to over the phone, pero nung time na yun kasi kahit na pare-parehas ang pag-usapan nyo sa umpisa, same emotions rin ung naramdaman ko. Tipong, "I've finally met or talked to someone whom I could relate to."

I was young, I had my first relationship in 2000. I was only 19 then. Di sya ganon kaseryoso, well at least to the 'other guy' but hell, I’ve learned my lessons now.

Mabait si John LX. He heartedly shared his experiences to me at that early stage. He gave some advice on relationships, living the life as a gay guy and even the repercussions of being one.

Though our communications ceased around 2002 (we lost our home landline), we still get in touch via e-mails and waited every month for his new photo shoots over BPG.

My top favorites from his series would be Jeremy, Lito, fightclub, Rodel (not the Rodel of 'BinatangPinoy') and, of course kewl_bed_hunk.

In short, if you're really looking for Pinoy pics, may it be celebrity or models, BPG lang talaga! Unfortunately, due to Yahoo! Groups' new regulations, may mga ilang groups na bigla na lang nabura sa mapa ng sapot na kalawakan. LOLz My groups included ha!

His group re-formed as 'PPK' or 'Pare-Pa-Kiss.' Very catchy indeed!

John LX is my first & original 'kuya' dito sa internet. We may not talk every so often or exchange naughty text messages like we used to, but I know he's there.

More power to you!

Dave Montero :Þ


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