Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Elliott Yamin - Trainwreck (Acoustic)

Best track in Elliott's debut album. Great vocals!

Only that this is the acoustic version of the song. I am posting this because of the last note. On the album version, they applied a fade-out on Elliot's vocals. Haay Miong, napaka-technical mo talaga uo!

And we're getting to the point of no return
'Cause baby when I give my heart
There ain't no turning back, no it ain't...

Eto sakit ko minsan, when I've decided in a relationship na 'ikaw na, ibibigay ko na lahat sa'yo', patay na tayo diyan. Heavy drama na itu! But as much as my heart (physically, nowadays) can handle, I avoid too much attachments to a guy.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Miong21,

I think I forgot to say thank you when you first posted the Elliot Yamin album available for download. I actually downloaded the whole thing. I thank you. I love Elliot from Day 1 of the Top 24 in AI Season 5. From his first album, I love WAIT FOR YOU dearly. It's very soulful and sounds like Brian McKnight. Thanks again for sharing. TC. =)

Dave Montero said...

You're welcome clark!


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