Wednesday, May 02, 2007


A.C. and I finally met last April 27 in Makati at his condo unit and stroll along Greenbelt. We've been planning for this meeting since February of this year. As promised, he handed to me some blue films and porn DVDs, and I managed to copy some audio CDs he bought while he was here. Rain's CDs are great! I think I'm going to have a Rain festival on my Weekly Top 7 later this week. But I digress.

I was really surprised when he brought out a Brokeback Mountain DVD Widescreen Edition, yay! It's included in my wishlist! Plus a 1GB Flash drive (I was using my old 128MB since 2003) and lots of other stuffs I can't enumerate anymore!

A.C. is actually his initials, in reality, he's an Angel that Cares for Miong! Haha!

A.C., I know you're a regular reader of my blog and I know that you know that I am eternally grateful for all the stuffs, advice and care you’ve given me. I will say "Thank You" to you for the rest of my life if I have to. I really, really appreciate them and I honestly do not think of anything on how I can repay you. I hope my private pics are ok, please don't forget to send me the copies!

I had a great time with you, really. I know I overstayed for another night and I really hope I didn't mess up your sked as you're about to go back to the States within 36 hours by the time I left your place.

For three days and two nights, I had an opportunity to know and befriend a great person like you. You are blessed with great and loving people around you, and I am much honored to be one of them! I wish you good health and love.

Sa uulitin!

PS: I love the ice cream! We should try other flavors next time!


Anonymous said...

hi dave...i really like ur blog at talagang updated...i hope if u dont mind can u put ur mobile number> i want to talk to u fren......and i also i want to suggest that please please.dont use the RAPIDSHARE kasi ang hirao mapanood ang movie...buti pa sa SAVEFILE or i suggest one site na pwede...u can save it sa im looking forward for your reply on this....i am ur regular reader

Anonymous said...

hi dave.... sna nmn sa savefile k nlng mg-upload kc bwl multiple downloads sa rapid share syng dowload time tpos bgal pa... sa savefile pede khit sabay-sabay download pra nde syng sa oras at namamaximize ung speed ng download kc mrmi...

Anonymous said...

it was a pleasure to meet you and appreciate all the work and creativity that you exercise in creating these blogspots.
very organized.
very intelligent.
very visualy stimulating.
it is an honor to enjoy your your presence.
This is thanks coming my way.

chocolate is a favorite

Dave Montero said...

Hi A.C.! Is that really you?! Haha! Aww, thanks for dropping by! Thanks ulet sa lahat! Muah!

Anonymous said...

Yes it is me. I am a bit embarassed with the attention in your blog. Let us place it in this perspective. I have never been posted before, not even in the mall bathrooms, hehehehe.Just kidding. I am enjoying every bit of your blog everyday. Let me know any additional help you need. Enjoying every bit of thoughts of ice cream and chocolate. sending your pix this weekend.
Continuing to have my own "orgasmic: experience.


Anonymous said...

dave please naman use mo na lang ang SAVEFILE kaysa rapidshare kasi ang pa manood...whats the big probs pala kung sa savefile na lang?....hirap talaga sa rapidshare...sana naman pagbigyan mo mga taong palaging nanonood ng blog mo....and again please can i have your mobile number?,.....or just text me 09193399060 at tatawagan kita pagkarecieve matt/....hanks

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, thanks for this blog.It is really wonderful.Good job.I am living in Singapore.The day I will come to Manila I will be happy to congratulate you directly.
Take care.Cheers. Serge


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