Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sikil (Unspoken Love)

(photo courtesy of Josh)

Josh and I finally watched 'Sikil' last Sunday night. Supposedly it was Saturday, kaso nalula ako sa DVD collections nya when I stayed for the night over his pad. I ended up watching them on his laptop!

I'll post some of the clips soon, beginning with "Sex Drive". But, I digress yet again!

Anyway, technically and story-wise, mas maganda ang 'Sikil' compare sa 'Parola'. But there's no much nudity on this one, yun nga lang.

Overall, I would give the film 8 out of 10 points.


Nga pala, mega-shopping muna si Josh sa Trinoma before we left for Robinson's Galleria where 'Sikil' has its exclusive screening.

First half of the movie, super bagal ng pacing. I like the second half of the film though. Ung intense na ang scenes between Will Sandejas and Ken Escudero.

Speaking of the two main actors, okay din acting nila. I would also like to commend Ken on the scene where he found out Adong (Will Sandejas) was beaten up and tortured. Galeng!

Cute ang story. Minsan mushy and corny, but we must admit lahat tayo dumaan sa ganoong setup. I myself experienced it when I was in Junior High. I like this girl, but my bestfriend liked her as well. Since bestfriend ko siya, I went out of the picture. Straight pa ata ako nun! LOLz

I cried on the mother-and-son meets again scene. Really! Bato ang puso mo pag hindi ka naiyak dun. I instantly remembered a similiar scene from "Blue Moon" but with Boots Anson-Roa and Eddie Garcia. Waahhh!!!

Kudos to Ms. Sylvia Sanchez who played the role of Enzo's (Ken Escudero) mother.

And finally, a non-tragic Pinoy gay flick! I thought merong mamamatay sa kanila. It's not a happy-gay-ending, but ok na rin. At least feel-good pa rin paglabas ng moviehouse. I'll definitely buy the original DVD when it comes out.

I was especially shocked when I got home in Muntinlupa around 11pm and received a text message from Josh saying, "...ingatz Adong!" Nyahaha!

Sa uulitin So.... err, Josh pala! Hehe!

PS: Now ko lang fully na-appreciate si Ken Escudero. Nyehehe!


Anonymous said...

Adong, hehehe (feeling enzo), errr may namatay po sa movie, yung Handler ni Adong noh, sinaksak at binagsak from balcony ng "milagrosong" sinehan, hehehe (wawa naman sya)

sinong So????

Anyway, i like the scene nung nagkita si Enzo at yung asawa ni Adong sa steps ng bahay ni enzo tapos ang linya ng paulit-ulit na parang nasa tranz... "Pag-inulit mo pa yun (at saktan si Adong), papatayin kita... papatayin kita....papatayin kita..... Very touching dat scene.

:) Dave pag pinalabas na yung "KURAP" staring dexter castro, nuod tayo ulit ha, adong...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ADONG said...

ey guys dont be surprise its me d real ADONG (wil sandejas).d kc ko mkatulog eh...anyway,i jus wanna thank everyone for d reviews and coments on d net and outside d web...and also, i would like to invite y'all to watch out for my first single record entitle BAWAT NGITI.ofcors by me.(singer wanna b kasi dn tong si mokong eh LOLS!)im juz having a lil problem financing and releasing,so we could hear it on d radio station.its a very sexy seductive tgalog was written by a girl who knows my kiss,my touch,and y caress...if y'all interested listening into it.just drop me some comments or mail me thru my friendster add. id love to post my personalcontact no.but im sure y'all undrstand y i di not...more power to your blogs.... WIL

Hey Joey said...

uhmm i watched the movie at gale. I like the story and how the characters evolved throughout the story.

pero sa acting if find "hilaw" kulang pa pero not bad naman for new actors.

ang fake din ng fighthing scene (yung saksakan ha) I almost puke watching that scene.

rating ko ay 6 out of 10--------

Jien said...

mukang ginaya po ng sikil yun "eternal summer" (taiwanese movie).. watch niyo po yun movie sa para malaman niyo yun difference. kayo na ang magjudge

Dave Montero said...

Wow! The real Adong! Hehe! Thanks for dropping by my site! And yeah, I've already checked out your Friendster account! Kudos bro!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't able to watch SIKIL on its first screening. Luckily, pinalabas ulit sa Robinsons Galleria just this week.

Well, maganda yung material. I just hope di ganong tinipid para naayos pa yung acting ng mga bida. Sapat na rin kahit pano. Ang ganda ng location nila. Sobra. Malaman ko lang kung saan yun sa Quezon, bibisitahin ko yun.

lestat said...

among parola, sikil and ang lihim...this is the one i most liked...maybe bcoz mas nakaka relate ako sa story......ken escudero is good here...very telegenic

Anonymous said...

i got d chance to watch sikil at cinemalaya@ccplast nyt. it has a nice storyline..ksama q p ung fren q and she thot n gilr-boy rel ung mawawatch nya un pla hindi kaya nmn i knew frm d start n gay ung theme nato..kunware lng d q alam..btw she nvr knew that im bading hehe...eniway i strongly recommend dis film to evrybody astig tlga pg indi-film..apir!!!

GinSceneThor said...

i like the movie... kaso may part na monotone sila magdeliver ng line eh...

Anonymous said...

actually maganda ang estoria, kaya lang makikita naten na as in di pa talagang bihasa o sanay ang mga bagong artista (will at ken) pero okay lang maganda naman,,, lalong lalo na eksena ni sylvia sanchez talagang magaling at maganda........


Anonymous said...

nakakaiyak at nkakakilig sana ganito palagi mga films na ganyan walang trahedya~

ENZO at ADONG forever~ LoLz

Anonymous said...

hi i love adong

Anonymous said...

totoong baang nagsesex si adong sa mga sex scene

Anonymous said...

is will sandejas gay

SABBBAK said...

maganda nga istorya....


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