Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I'll take a week's time-off from Blogging. I have a very bad cold and Agent J & I are supposed to move out to a new place this weekend. We just celebrated our 4 months of together-ness recently. Nahks!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank A.C. once again for aiding us financially with the moving out process.

Funny when I showed Agent J room layouts of Cityland estates from my cellphone, he frantically said "Hindi kaya ng budget natin 'yan!!!". I laughed out loud. I told him, "hindi masama mangarap". Greatest frustration ko kaya maging isang architect. Kung iba gusto maging doktor, ako, I want to be an architect when I was a kid.

I am fascinated when I see my dad working on those draftsmen's paper, drawing room layouts, floor layouts and everything. But he was a Civil Engineer, 'yoko naman ng buong building at fieldwork.

But mahirap daw pera pag architect. So ayun, kandos. I digress yet again!

Moving on, next set of updates will be probably sometime next week. I had to rest when I was home during my offs.

Uy, pansinin 'nyo naman ang birthday countdown ko. Hehe! Yes, September na naman. "Ber" months na naman! Parang kailan lang, I celebrated my 26th birthday. 3 or 4 years na lang, wala na ako sa kalendaryo. Toinx! Wahahaha!!

Ano kaya ire-regalo ng mahal ko sa akin? Hehe! Ako baka ihanda ko na rin sarili ko, baka ibigay ko na sa kanya matagal na niyang hiling. Toinx ulet! Wehehehe!!!

Enjoy the rest of the week guys!


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