Thursday, December 21, 2006

Lea Salonga @ Doha Asian Games


The best part of it was when she was being introduced.

"From the Philippines...Lea Salonga!"

Sarap pakinggan! Whew! I could've cried buckets kung nandun ako sa stadium nito. This is something we Filipinos could be proud of for many years to come.

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Ultimate Pinoy Hunk: Francis Torres

Eto na, siya na talaga. Hands-down ako sa kanya.

Click here for the 1024x768 wallpaper.

Scanned pics from the pilot issue of Red Hot Magazine featuring the Men of Provoq.

Photography by Jay Javier.

Lea Salonga on Philipine Daily Inquirer


Anyone has the TVC of PDI's "Dare To Ask" featuring Romi Garduce, Ninoy Aquino & Lea Salonga, please upload on YouTube or share them po. Thanks!

Call Center Agent

I had a dream last night; I was working as a call center agent daw. Eh, di ba kabaligtaran ang panaginip? Waahhh! Di hindi ako maha-hire as an agent nito? Huhuhu…

Anyway, so there are some familiar faces around me. A combination of elementary-high school-college, former co-workers and even some textmates I haven’t even met yet! Gano’n naman talaga eh, weird ang mga panaginip.

BUT! The weirdest part was, hindi headset ang gamit ko when accepting calls. As in ordinary landline unit! As in! Kulay dirty white pa siya ha? Pero wag ka, may LCD sa lower part indicating the number of incoming calls. Sheez!

Throughout my dream as an agent, I received two calls from the US. One from a Filipino OFW and another from an angry American woman. Medyo blurred ung conversation dun sa latter, all I can remember saying was “Sorry ma’m but I cannot accept your call anymore. I have to drop the line.” When I woke up abruptly around 6am, I was like “where the hell did I get that?” Wala naman kasi akong experience sa mga ganto. Pati yung diction ko, kakaiba. Well, at least sa initial interview or simulation (if ever) may idea na ako how to handle calls.

Even dun sa Filipino caller, she would sometimes speak to me in Tagalog but I have to pretend that I “can’t” understand her telling me “hindi” or “oo”.

The situation with the Filipino caller was a little confusing. Kasi ang problem nya is about her money na hindi niya ma-withdraw through her ‘credit card’ kasi naka-list daw ata sa sister na nasa Pilipinas. It’s really confusing and purely illogical.

I have to quick-talk to my supervisor pa about the decision. That I am not sure of. Kasi dapat right then and there you have to decide na. You can’t make the customer wait for even a couple of seconds. Customer service, rhayt? LOLz

I must admit medyo na-challenge ako. Or was it a sign of what’s going to happen to me next year. We will see...

Military Gay Action Figures

Scanned from the July 1999 issue of MAD Magazine.

Tagal na 'to, I was lucky to have it scanned. My mom collects MAD Magazines, hehe!


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