Sunday, February 22, 2009

Goodbye, Hello


I just got off with my last call for this 3rd program. It was both a relief and a litle bit of regret. Why? I'd like to stay with the program for at least a year. The account is VERY challenging. Having to deal with customers who can't (or won't) understand their phone bills, assist them with it and make necessary AND appropriate adjustments which, sad to say is about 10% of our scorecard. Most of my adjustments resulted from incorrect and misapplied plan codes and discounts.

I am relieved because like I mentioned the program is challenging so it requires a lot of patience, understanding and perserverance to deliver each and every situation and every scenario possible to the customer. The old people are challenging, yes, but the most diffucult ones were the ones who can't do a simple math to calculate their bills.

Early as this year, we've heard some rumors that the client will close down some of its vendor sites here in the Philippines. Heck, I even posted a blog about outsourcing being a bit safe even with the recession. But I guess you really can't tell. By end of January, we were informed that the last call date for the program will be on March 15, 2009.

The good thing about the company I work in (which is why I really do not intend to leave) is they will try to find their employees a program in case one drops out. Yes, that's the painful part. I am in a way hurt by the client's decision to pull-out the service from our company. Well, we're not the only BPO unit they pulled-out, they also ceased their operations in other countries and other centers including the chat support. At least the Inbound & Outbound Sales queue in Alabang & Makati are still in place.

The funny part? The program that we will be switching to effective next week is a direct competitor of our account program, only it's for the phone insurance department. It is a big relief since we will not be on the billing queue anymore! Plus we will occupy the same workstations, the same floor and be with the same group of people.

Consider this scenario:

Customer: If you don't take out these charges, I will switch my services to **&*!
Agent: (presses the 'Mute' button) Sure, go ahead! We will talk to you there later!

Kyla - It's My Turn (Live at SOP)


Wow! I am speechless... Go Kyla! This is the high notes!

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