Friday, September 07, 2007

Team Faith

And finally, our training commences. Our wave (batch) was divided into two and was sorted alphabetically by last name. Other waves were sorted by first name, by assessment grade, etc.

Since my real last name is within the last 10 alphabets, I was separated from my own wave and merged with the first half of the next wave. Darn!

At least, hindi ko kasama ang dalawang mokong! I actually have a draft post entitled "Tale of the Two Mokongs" but I decided not to post it anymore. I don't want to waste some space for them anymore. I wish them both luck.

Moving on, as the team name suggests, yep that's the temporary name of our team taken from the first name of our TL (team leader). At sus, buti babae. The other available TLs there look scary and intimidating. We haven't met TL Faith yet. She's in Shaw ata. Luckily sa Monday we'd be able to meet her.

Wala ako masyadong ka-close sa new team ko. They're all in Team Harry kasi. Hopefully, may mga new friends to meet on Monday.

This is it. Eto na talaga. I've already taken about 2 calls pa lang kasi sobrang daming agents sa floor, tenured & trainees combined. Swerte mo na kapag naka-dalawang call ka within the 4-hour call-in time for trainee agents. And besides, it's not yet tax season in the US.

Daming cutie pies sa floor; tenured/trainee agents and TLs (Hi TL Sean! Hehe!). But, ahem! Miong, never mingle with cute and hunky straight guys. Feeling sila masyado at malisyoso sa lahat ng bagay.

I can see Agent Yap on the floor already, since last week pa. Haay, hanggang tingin lang ako. But I really appreciate the friendly handshakes every time he sees me. At least naaalala niya pa ako talaga even though we're not that really close during our TechTraining Program.

Weekly Top 7 (September 7, 2007)

1. Mau Marcelo - Labis-Labis
2. Ne-You - Because of You
3. Mandy Moore - Umbrella
4. Jed Madela - Healing
5. Bamboo - So Far Away
6. Silent Sanctuary - Sandali Lang
7. Backstreet Boys - Inconsolable


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