Thursday, October 04, 2007

From 3 to 6

Yaiks! From last weeks 3 hours call time, we were now up to 6 hours of call per agent per shift!

This is my first call center job. So far I'm okay with it. It's a great relief that we are scheduled this way. Back then I thought after training, 8 hours of call handling kagad.

Next week, 6 hours na kami and no buddy-ups na. Back when we were still on buddy-ups, tig-3 hours each buddy. But this time, solo flight na on full 6-hours of call handling. Kayanin ko kaya ang full 8-hour call shift? Hehe!

Nah, masarap sa pakiramdam 'yung nakakatulong ka and yung tinutulungan mo nasa malayong lugar. 'Yun nga lang, foreigner ang clients namin.

Oh, and did I mentioned our US clients are here in the country for a 2-week observation? YAY!


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