Monday, June 16, 2008

Lea Salonga & Aga Muhlach - Sana Maulit Muli


Aww...they still look sweet together! Sana they will make another movie soon!

Loved the sweet notes on 1:46~1:49 (the "Mahal pa rin kita..." line). Idol talaga kita Ms. Lea! I wish they'll release the studio version of this song.

Watch my "Lea Salonga - My Life...On Stage!" playlist via YouTube.

Dang! I should've watch this concert. Well, hope there's a DVD for this.

Teddy J


Cute eh? This is an advanced 2nd monthsary gift from Agent given last Friday night at Eastwood Mall right before we went to see "KungFu Panda".

It is also my first time to receive such gift. I am not for the price, but 'yung thought and effort nya na bigyan ako nito makes me wanna cry and hug him right there and then!

I Love You Agent J!

Movie Time: Kung Fu Panda


Agent J and I went to see this one last Friday night at Eastwood Cinemas.

We arrived late at past 8pm and it's almost sold out. So we had no choice but to get the 10:50 PM slot.

We both missed Libis so we stroll around, took our dinner at KFC (our first dine-in was at KFC-EDSA Central) and grabbed some ice cream at Dairy Queen. We both love ice cream and chocolates as well!

He also gave me a suprise gift there, well more of that later.

I was again a little bit hesitant to watch this movie 'cos I wasn't that thrilled with the trailer and storyline. But then, like Speed Racer, I was all-smiles when we went out the moviehouse.

Daming cute lines sa movie, comedy stuffs and of course moral lesson.

I am really not familiar with this film's credits nor its speaking voices so medyo nagulat ako during the end credits because there were huge stars for this film!

Haay, another addition to my DVD-to-buy list!

Hari Ng Negros 2008


Pageant Night is on June 28, 8 PM.

Here's my Top 7 Favorites (in order):
1. Bacolod City - Stalin Lescano, Jr.
2. E.B. Magalona - Ian Delente
3. Bayawan City - Kareem Capulso
4. Calatrava - Randel Valderama
5. Dumaguete City - Michael Angelo Cristobal
6. Hinigiran - Adones Rojas
7. Tanjay City - Jun Vic Valdez

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