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Good Samaritan in Libis

Good news guys!

I finally signed my work contract earlier this afternoon. (C'mon guys make me feel good for a change! Hehe!)

Miong is officially employed! Haha!

BUT! Our training will be held for 11 weeks in Libis, Quezon City. Since I live here down south, it would be impossible for me to travel back and forth every day for the next 11 weeks not of the distance but because of the forthcoming rainy season.

Hint: floods in EDSA, stranded passengers, MRT bugdowns...

Another thing, my time sked is at (drumrolls!!!) 6 in the morning until 3pm. Isn't it nice, eh?!

So, as the subject goes I am looking for a good Samaritan living somewhere near Libis. My dropoff point would be the Citibank E. Rodriguez Ave. branch. Anywhere near that place, with 2 jeepney rides tops is ok.

I am not familiar with the place nor the most accesible routes from Alabang (some of my co-trainees suggested the EDSA MRT Cubao-Eastwood, some the Ortigas-Rosario-C5 route).

Renting a bedspace or room4rent is my last option. What I'm trying to say here is I am looking for a place I could actually stay. I could pay the same minimum amount charged by those bedspacers, it's just that I am not comfortable with some issues concerning sharing a room with 5-10 people you do not personally know. The nakawan thingy, had to padlock all your stuffs, watch your own food on the fridge, etc..etc.. same old stories.

I'm not a great cook, but I could help with other housechores if I have spare time. I'm a low-maintenance guy as well. Okay na sa akin electric fan. Di rin po ako mapili sa kama.

With bedspace kasi, I can't wash/iron my own clothes there (yes! I do wash & iron my own clothes). I have to come home every weekends din just to have my clothes washed & pressed.

If I could stay in a place (with a gay guy presumably), things would be a lot easier and I need not to go home every week. All I'm asking is just 11 weeks. And I might have the same problem when I am officially transferred to the Shaw site after my training. But that's way ahead pa naman.

Regalo ko na sa sarili ko yun. Makapasa ako sa training. I would do anything for this job that's why I accepted the offer kahit sa malayo ang training and my site assignment. Sadly, there's no available slots here in Alabang.

I hope there's a good Samaritan out there. I need sana to settle a place before June 14. My training will start on July 16 and will run until September 29. The next day after that is my birthday. Nahks!

You guys may contact me using the 'Contact' button above. My celfone number is already posted there.

If there's no reply from this blog by Wednesday (July 11), I'll try posting my ISO ad in Yahoo! Groups.

Nabawasan ng 14 and unemployed sa Pilipinas kaninang 12:30 ng tanghali. Hehehe!

Congratulations to Paolo Mirasol - Hari Ng Negros 2007


Paolo Mirasol - Hari Ng Negros 2007

(image courtesy of The Vegan Prince)

More about the pageant night here.

Sober - music video concept

This is my music video concept for Kelly Clarkson's "Sober".

It's been in my head for weeks now and everytime I listen to the song, these images and scenes appear in my mind.

Live at AOL Sessions

The music video will start off focused on the moving road. Coming from the car Kelly is driving. (The cameraman is sitting on the front passenger seat, focusing the camera on the road over the window and slowly panning to Kelly's (driver's) side. And the first line will start:

"And I don’t know, this could break my heart or save me..."

There will be a scene wherein Kelly either look in her rearside mirror or side mirror and will see a Kelly with black tears on her face.

My interpretation on the song is that she wanted to forget everything after the "break-up". All of the pain she been carrying and all that. Wondering why she's still alive and breathing.

The long and empty road she's having symbolizes her life after the failed relationship. Hollow, sad and lonely.

Towards the middle of the song, she'll get a little agitated (just like the song does, well every Kelly song has this 'hysterical-mode' part wink! wink!) so she'll drive a little faster not a care in the world. Remember, she wanted to forget and leave everything behind already.

On the climax part of the song, a terrible thing will happen. She will have a head-on collision with a truck she never noticed and never managed to get rid of it on the last second.

The scene will be in slow motion but not the words on the song.

"Three months and I’m still breathing
Three months and I still remember it
Three months and I wake up..."

Car's flipped and rolled over. We will see Kelly breathing for life for the last time with a flower (out of nowhere) in her hands stretched out of her wrecked car's window. (Brutal ba masyado?)

Then a huge binding of light, we will see Kelly on a lying position (similiar to her position on the wrecked car) on a flowery field symbolizing peace and tranquility.

She will sing the last two lines of the song:

"Three months and I’m still sober
Picked all my weeds but kept the flowers"

The flower still in her hands, gently moving it closer to her nose. Her hands slowly breaking free and the winds will carry it along with other small flowers at the end of the song.

BUT WAIT! There's more! That's not the end yet!

We will see a camera (as if a person carrying it getting closer to a car) and will knock on it and we will realize it's a federal traffic enforcer waking up a sleeping woman on a car, Kelly.

He will make a hand gesture to her to get back on the road.

Kelly has tears on her face as if she cried while she were sleeping. Little sniff there, wiped her tears and she'll realize maybe there's more to this life after all. And then she'll drive away with all courage to face a new day.

Xenxa na, sinapian na naman ako. Want to hear my video concept for her "How I Feel", "Yeah" and "Can I Have A Kiss"? Nah, wag na lang. I love you Kelly!

Weekly Top 7 (July 6, 2007)

1. Kelly Clarkson - Sober
2. Chad Peralta - Kung Pwede Lang Sana
3. Kelly Clarkson - Yeah
4. Shamrock - It's Me
5. Mandy Moore - Could Have Been Watching You
6. Shamrock - Kaba
7. Kelly Clarkson - How I Feel

Evandro Silveira - Making Of


"Making of" video. No nudity.

Download clip
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Twilight - Ay, bastos!


Clip #15 of 18.

Ay, ang puwet! LOLz

NOTE: This is the actual DVD rip.

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Shamrock - Kaba


One of the better songs in their latest CD "Barkada".

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/ Length: 4:45

Bench Fever 2006 - Part 10


Ensemble, end credits.

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