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More Mr. World 2007 Pictures

Here are more pictures from the Mr. World 2007 Pageant in Sanya, China.

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Top 5 - China (2nd RU), Costa Rica, Brazil (1st RU), Spain (Mr. World 2007), Chile



Team Cranes & Team Tiger

Mr. England

Parang baligtad ata 'to...kawawa naman yung pumasan kay Mr. England...

Mr. Lebanon & Mr. Brazil

Another cute piggyback ride

Mr. Egypt

WOW! And he could carry 2 men on his back!

Mr. Chile & Mr. Egypt

Awww! They look good together!


Mr. Brazil & Mr. Spain candid shot


Sitewatch: Philippine Entertainment Portal


I've been aware with the Philippine Entertainment Portal or PEP website ever since but I thought they're under ABS-CBN so I really didn't give a damn.

After I've found out it is under the Kapuso wing, boy am I glad! I am very proud of what they have done!

Nice articles, really great pictures and some cool stuffs & tidbits as well!

I'm adding the link to my 'Cool Links' section by the way.

Brian Littrell - You Keep Givin' Me


This track is taken from Backsreet Boy member Brian Littrell's solo debut album "Welcome Home". I've already posted the CD link here but I'll be posting this particular song since it is a special song for me.

I cried buckets the first time I heard this song and it still give me chills whenever I hear it.

Download MP3
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/ Filename: Brian Littrell - You Keep Givin' Me.mp3
/ Size: 5.18MB
/ Bit Rate: 128 kbps
/ Length: 5:36


4 Basic Rules of Gay PDA


Illustrations by Kenji Nunez

If you and your lover are more daring than most, here is one basic rule: Know your limits, then push the borders! Act as if you are always being scrutinized. Be ready because the public will always have a reaction, staring, raising of eyebrows, etc. Know how much of both good and bad reactions you and your partner can create before you both blush and feel the need to stop. Next time, try to go father, go for more. By doing this, the public can get used to the idea of homosexual PDA. Something taboo will no longer be taboo when it is brought out into the light, when more and more people are doing more of it. Let society cringe. It is time that they feel our presence.

However, for those who are not yet out or at the very least feel that really harm can befrail them if they are flamboyant with their affections, do not fret. Below are four basic conservative rules that allow gay PDA within society’s tolerance level.

Basic rules of gay PDA (Public Display of Affection)

1. Know where you can get away with it. There are places where homosexuality and all its aspects are more tolerated. Homosexuals are commonly seen in Malate or Makati because people who frequent these places are more open-mined. Find your own special place where people do not cringe at the sight of two guys holding hands.

2. Know when to act. Like everything else, timing is everything. If you’re in a public place you can’t just hold hands forever. You have to be discreet so that you won’t call attention to yourselves. Hold hands when no one is looking or when the people around you are not that conservative. Dance to the music. Use your common sense.

3. Know how much the public can handle. Always try to be aware of the people around you. A pat on the back or a gentle squeeze on your partner’s arm is a sign of affection that is acceptable to the general public. Liplocking, however, is a sadly big no. Be sensitive and smart enough to figure the public. If you are not sure as to how they would react, test them. If you don’t want to take the risk, then don’t. Wait until you guys are in a more private place before you do the things that are intimate in nature in the first place.

4. When + where = how much. Always analyze the situation before showing affection. Think before acting. Remember that no two situations are the same. Keep in mind that the “how much” changed according to the “when” and “where.”

It must be said, however, that shame is an indication of guilt for a wrongdoing. If the issue of safety (be it bodily, psycho-emotional, or social) becomes nothing more that a guilt trip, re-examine your values, girl! We have all the reasons to be proud. And nothing is more shameful than shame itself.

By Susan Sulit
Taken from GP Magazine (Volume 1 Issue 1)

Allen Dizon - Beautiful Thing (Viva Hot Men)


Scene 3 from "Viva Hot Men" featuring Allen Dizon.

Download clip
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Chris - Asian Cutie

Arrrggghhh!!! One of the cutest Asian that I've seen!

(right click, 'Save Link As' for a larger version)

Any of you guys has more of him? Kindly share! Thanks!

Miong's Internet Expenditures Stats

Miong's Internet Expenditures Stats

My first ever log in to an internet cafe was December 18, 1998 along Boni Avenue (I was studying at Don Bosco Mandaluyong at that time). P60 per hour pa nun, pag sa mall tumataginting na P80 per hour.

And then it became P50, then P40, P30, merong P25 and finally P20 per hour. I've heard long before sa Pacita merong P15, but heck, P11 transpo balikan nun from my place, gano'n din! Alikabok, pagod at init pa sa biyahe.

And I guess I haven't stopped since then, rather I haven't stopped tracking records of my internet expenses. LOLz

Here's a couple of my internet stats. I'm not good in those accounting terms so please forgive my stats terminologies.

Total expenditures: P 83,315.50 (as of March 29, 2007)

2006 Total: P 10,555.00
2006 Average: P 28.92/day, P 879.58/month
2006 Month High: January (P 1,414.00)
2006 Month Low: September (P 279.00)
2006 Day High: January 3 (P 242.00)
2006 Day Low: January 7 (P 10.00)
2006 Duration High: January 3 (12 hours & 4 minutes)
2006 Duration Low: January 7 (30 minutes)

All-time Month High: October 2005 (P 1,901.00)
All-time Month Low*: May 2000 (P 90.00)
All-time Day High: March 29, 2002 (P 280.00)
All-time Day Low*: June 28, 2000 (P 4.00)
All-time Duration High**: January 3, 2006 (12 hours & 4 minutes)
All-time Duration Low**: July 15, 2002 (5 minutes)

* non-visit to internet cafes or Zero-months or days are excluded
** starting period is from January 2001 only.


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