Monday, June 11, 2007

Kelly Clarkson - Sober

[ updated June 14, 2007 ]

My current flame. One song I could REALLY relate to.

Well, I've been sober for three years, or so.

Kelly, you are indeed the best American Idol winner. I love you!

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edzcelperk said...

you're the best... i love kelly so much

Dave Montero said...

Ur welcome, edzcel! And yeah, Kelly is the best! Totally love her personality.

edzcelperk said...

i like this better than "never again" she sounds so angry at the song... but i still like it...

what's your fave kelly song?

been listening for "beautiful disaster" for more than 2 years now... for me, that's the ultimate song...

thanks again

Dave Montero said...

@edzcel: I like 'Sober' now but my all-time fave Kelly song would be 'Behind These Hazel Eyes'

delasoul 1979 said...

cool song! hey miong, been a long time, sandwitched 79 here

Dave Montero said...

Hi Leo! Wats ur cel#? I think 'Sober' is my song for 2007. Kelly made a mark on me with that song. Watch out for my music video concept for that song later on!

mi-chan said...

I like kelly clarkson too.
Her songs are very good!
My favorite song is "low"
What's your best song?


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