Monday, October 13, 2008

150 pounds?!



I recently checked my body weight when Agent J & I went out to a grocery store and I was shocked (really shocked!) to what the body weight scale gave me!

Tumataginting na 150 pounds! My gass!! Waahhh!!!

I could remember before I started working for this company last April 2007, I was just 120 lbs. Siyempre, my resumé has to be accurate. Not that I'm applying for a modeling job or something, sobrang payat ko dati I even thought of making it to 125 or 130. Dayain daw ba ang resumé?! Hehe!

But seriously, 150? Oh my gulay?!! I guess that's the reality of working in a call center, tataba at tataba ka talaga. With all the foods at the pantry, vendo machines, idagdag pa ang McDonald's and Starbucks, and ChowKing and..the list is endless! Haay...

I've seen a lot of co-workers getting fat as well. Current and former co-workers. Even Agent J, medyo tumaba din compared to when I first met him. Hehe!

I need to hit the gym real fast!

Greggy Santos


Greggy Santos appears as a VJ on Q 11's "Living It Up"

Such a cutie!

Meet "Living It Up" video jock Greggy Santos

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